Are Ash Trees Native To Colorado? [RESOLVED]

With ash trees estimated to comprise 15 percent or more of all community trees in Colorado, EAB poses a serious threat to urban forests 🤓 Coelho advises residents on the Front Range to determine if they have ash trees on their property 😊 They should verify that the tree they have is an ash tree by contacting their CSU Extension Horticulture Agent or certified arborist. This will help to identify and plan how they can remove and replace it. You can find tips from the CSFS on how to choose a tree service company that will help with EAB. [1]
Are you unsure if the tree is an Ash? The Colorado Community Tree Map may help you locate your tree if it’s located along the street or in public rights of way (the space between the sidewalk and street). To locate your property, select your county or city and zoom in on the satellite maps. Click on a dot in the map to view the specific tree species. The site also has a listing of species-specific trees. This site includes EAB management tools. Last revised by Sarajane Bez, Zhaodong (China) 52 days ago [2]
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Lashonda Dupree planttalk.colostate.eduAccording to a report, Ash trees were planted more often in public and private areas in the 1960s than other species. Due to Emerald Ash Borer, (EAB), being discovered in Boulder, CO, in the Fall 2013, ash trees have not been stocked in Colorado and aren’t currently being sold. Emerald Ash Borer, a serious insect that can kill ash trees is very dangerous. Larroves feed underneath the bark of ash trees, eventually cutting off nutrients and girdling them. Even healthy trees, ash trees can be killed in as little as two years. Ash trees of all sizes can be attacked from ½ inch saplings to large mature trees. It is difficult to find the insect because they are under bark. Adults can only be found between May and September. Khira Lockhart of Zhoushan in China, for the reply. [3]
To help people find the right job, this guide was created. Need I sawseen for a detailed description of all of the Colorado native trees. It was more than 25 years ago that I had begun to work on this. However, the number of detailed tree guides available was much lower. Many of the available information was not detailed enough (the popular tree guide books) or was simply too simplistic (all Colorado Flora in one or two volume, which is what professional botanists need). Finding a comprehensive list of Colorado native trees was not easy. There are many fine books about regional natural history. I’m having a list. For Colorado trees, the information presented here may still be very useful. Last updated 80 days ago by Kaeleigh Carona, Shangrao (China) [4]

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