Are Blue Diamonds More Expensive? [Solved]

Blue diamonds are not only used in rings but also earrings and necklaces 🔥 People frequently request these jewelleryry pieces with blue diamonds 😊 It is difficult to find earrings made of two identical-sized blue diamonds. It is best to get help from an experienced source, who will be able search the entire international diamond inventory. You won’t find the blue diamonds you are looking for if you walk through every jewelery store trying to find them. What if you have to not only find the perfect stone, but also the most affordable blue diamond price on the market? [1]
Blue diamonds are more valuable than most colored diamonds, but just like all other diamonds, their prices are determined based on the diamond’s colourr, colourr intensity, size, and clarity with an emphasis on the intensity of the colourr. Collectors of blue diamonds worldwide are very interested in them. Blue diamonds can range in size from a small one to a larger, such as the Wittelsbach–Graff. Larger blue diamonds can go for millions. Blue diamonds are very rare and often sell for very high prices. However, a diamond collection cannot be complete without a single blue diamond. Camacho Shafer of Luoyang in China is greatly appreciated for his contribution. [2]
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The prices of red diamonds are hard to compare since there dramatic differences between them – even with the same certificate two purplish red diamonds can be in completely different price levels – based on how red is the diamond. A purplish pink 0.20ct can run around $300,000 per carat, and 0.40ct at about $500,000. Yet another interesting fact The thing about red diamonds, is their rarity. The reddish-brown diamond here costs $30,000 per karat, as you can see. A modifier is a colorthat has a more dramatic impact than any other. Last edited by LissetGoins, Niamey (Niger), 28 days ago [3]
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Like colorless diamonds and colored gemstones, coloured diamonds can be formed from carbon at depths below the Earth’s surface. These temperatures are higher than 1000° Celsius. Millions of years. However, colored diamonds have unique and beautiful colors due to chemical modifications that are made as they form. This alters the way the reflect light and coloris perceived by our eyes. These small changes are very rare – happening in only 0.1% of all diamonds – but can create spectacular colors spanning the entire colourr wheel, including pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, brown, and every colourr in between, all made naturally. [4]
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