are blue jays predators?

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On a warm Fall day last year while my chickens were peacefully hanging out under their favorite lilac bush, I was startled to hear the distinct sound of a chicken in distress through my open windows 🙌 If you aren’t familiar with chicken in distress sounds, chickens will vocally alert the rest of the flock if danger is afoot 🙈 Usually the rooster is responsible for alerting the flock, but if you don’t keep a rooster the hen at the top of the pecking order will fill the role of flock warning system. The predator cry of my hens sounds like an alarming egg sound, but it depends on which bird you have. [1]
DescriptionLength of the bird: 23 to 30 cm (9-12 in).Weight: 70-100 g (2.5-2.3.5 oz). Wingspan 43 to 43cm (13-17 in). Other: The bird has a prominent crest, or crown of feathers on its head. This can be adjusted according to the birds’ mood. The crest can be raised fully when the bird is aggressive or excited. The crest may bristle outwards when the bird is scared. The bird’s crest bristles outwards when it is afraid. Its underside is white and its neck has a collar of black that extends down to the sides. Black, sky-blue, and white are used to strongly bar the tail and wing primaries. Black is all over the eyes, bill, legs, as well as the eyes. The Blue Jay’s male and female are almost identical. Blue Jays, like other blue-hued bird species, are almost identical. coloration is not derived from pigments but is the result of light Interference due to internal structure in feathers. A blue feather that is crushed will cause the blue color to disappear as its structure is destroyed. This is called structural coloration. Blue Jays are known for their strong, black bill. They use it to crack nuts and acorns. eating cornThey eat grains, seeds and insects, but also grasshoppers and beetles. [2]
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Next, he took one of the wet towels I had left on top and picked it up. He looked at my face and then tried again. I looked again at him as he tried to take off with the towel that was still wet. Then I said totoldtold that he should wait. So, I took another dry piece of wood and cut it small. When I handled the smaller one to him, he flew off (I think he was making a nest). He returned shortly thereafter, and landed close He looked at me intently and gave me a hug. Then I took another towel, gave it to him, and he quickly picked up the beak. After doing it three times, I didn’t see him again. (Thanks to De Trimble of La Paz in Bolivia for this tip). [3]
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Based on an article by worldanimalfoundation.orgThe blue jay mating period runs from March through July. Most blue jays mate for their entire lives. Blue jays build nests from twigs, bark, roots, moss, and moss. The cup-shaped nests of female blue jays are built in trees by the birds. lay 2 to 7 brownish or bluish eggs. The nesting areas of blue jays can be very protected. After an incubation period of 16-18 days, the hatchlings are ready to emerge from their eggs. Blue jays born new are helpless, blind and naked. These are the father blue jay provides food for the mother Blue jay, while she takes care of the chicks. The young blue jays are released from the nest within 17 to 21 days. They remain with their parents for up to 2 months. At one year of age, blue jays are sexually mature. [4]
The blue jays can be found in large parts of central and eastern North America. They are slowly expanding their range to the Northwest. Blue jays are social birds and can be found together in small groups, families or as a whole. The winter migration of northern birds is a long one. They often join large flocks up to 250 birds in the south to continue their journey. This migration remains a mystery for scientists. There are blue jays that winter all over the country, but some birds will migrate to one area and then another. There are many factors that influence whether or not a bluejay (or family) decides to move. [5]

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