Are Cashews Tree Nuts? (TOP ANSWER!)

Well… no 🙈 Botanically speaking, nuts are tree nuts, but not all tree nuts are nuts 🙈 Some tree nuts may be called “drupes”. I know, it’s pretty confusing, so let me explain. By definition, nuts are a hard-shelled pod containing both fruit and nuts. Seed of the plantA category which includes hazelnuts as well as acorns. Drupes can be described as fruit that have a hard, stony cover around the seeds. Three layers make up a Drupe: An outer layer called the exocarp, a fleshy middle layer called the mesocarp and an endocarp — the hard, woody layer that surrounds the seed. Peaches, coconuts almonds, cashews, peaches and mangoes are all examples of drupes. [1]
On the other hand, the fruits of the cashew, almond, and pistachio plants are not true nuts, but are rather classified as “drupes.” Drupes are fruits that are fleshy on the outside and contain a shell covering a seed on the inside. The seed we eat is the fruit. The classification of walnuts and pecans is not as clear cut— they have characteristics of both nuts and drupes, but don’t completely fulfill the criteria for either. Some refer to them as “nut-like drupes”, others as “drupaceous nuts”. Interestingly, peaches and mangoes are also drupes—except in this case, we eat the fleshy exterior and not the shell and seed found inside it. Confusing, isn’t it? [2]
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The specialists at aaaai.orgAn allergy to one type of treenut doesn’t necessarily indicate that an individual is allergic. However, certain tree nuts can be closely related to each other, such as cashew and walnut with pistachio. Although tree nuts can be allergic to many types of nuts, some tree nuts may still be safe and appropriate for people who are allergic. After careful discussions with allergists, this decision should be made based on many factors including age, allergy results, risks of cross-reactivity, family preferences, and quality of life. Individuals allergic to specific tree nuts should consider cross contamination, which is when trace amounts are introduced to other food. It may or not prove to be clinically important for everyone. We are grateful to Taft Hidalgo. [3]
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Tree nuts include cashews as well as almonds, walnuts, pecans, and other nuts. Peanuts are actually legumes. Some children are allergic to peanuts as well as tree nuts. The chance of an allergic reaction to tree nuts and peanuts is between 30-60%. Child with a peanut allergy to develop According to Scott H. Sicherer M.D. (associate professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City) and researcher in Jaffe Food Allergy Institute), a tree-nut allergy is possible. To determine the precise nature of your allergy, you will have to test your child. Cassondra Haoff edited this article on September 11, 2020. [4]
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It is not a legume but a true cashew. It is a nut. Tree grows A large amount of cashew apple-shaped, large-sized fruits is produced. They are known for their cashew-shaped shells, which allow the nuts to grow from the bottom. This fruit is nutritious and delicious, so it is frequently grown as a stand-alone tree. You can eat it raw, as an apple or cooked into syrups and jams. It is odd that the nut itself and the husk of the nut are not the same. Tree’s actual fruit. Cashew apples are just a strangely swollen stem for their delicious flesh. [5]

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