are fireflies and lightning bugs the same?

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Fireflies spend most of their life in the larval stage 🙌 While not all adults emit light, all fireflies have glowing larval stages 🙈 Armouredd, grublike larvae can be vicious predators. They track down and consume earthworms, snails, and other small creatures. The larval stage can last up to 2 years before they become adults. Adults may live only a couple of weeks, and most do not eat during this time—they just mate, lay eggs and die. The result is that fireflies in your garden this summer were the product of matings that took place in 2017. They will also be the parents to fireflies that will continue flashing up until 2021.
Under their abdomens, fireflies possess light organs. Although more than 2,000 species bear the name “firefly,” not all fireflies glow. The ones that mix oxygen and a pigment called Luciferin produce light with little heat. In order to make light, the enzyme luciferase works on the luciferin when it is surrounded by magnesium ions. This chemical is called adenosinetriphosphate (ATP). It is very efficient to produce light from fireflies. In fact, it’s the most efficient light in the world! Nearly 100% of the chemical reaction’s energy becomes light. Fireflies can produce light in a variety of colors, including green, yellow and orange. Juanito Lomardi (Angeles City, Philippines), last updated this document 66 days back
Image #2 They are known to be trickster lightning bugs. Their name, “versicolor”, refers to their ability to change colors. Although they tend to be a bit less green than Photinus, you can still tell the difference by looking at their lights (even if your a lightning bug). While the males are just like Photinus, the females react in two ways. Firstly, they replicate the colors and flashes from the female lightning and they also respond with mating patterns. Bugs of different species and eat The males that are lured in. Lightning bugs are so powerful! This article was edited by Adam Hall, Kochi (India), May 22, 2021. Lewis continues to say that pesticides are the third biggest threat. Lewis says this is because most people only see fireflies as adult displays. “People don’t really think about the life cycle,” she says. Most of a firefly’s life is spent as a larva, on or under the ground, or underwater. They are also exposed to pesticides while they’re there. Because they are prey, firefly larvae can be exposed to pesticides. “If people were aware of that, I think they would be a lot more hesitant to spray pesticides on their lawn,” says Lewis. Last edited 35 days ago, by Nakyia Rose from Ipoh (Malaysia).
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