(RESOLVED) Are Greyhounds Really Dogs?

Greyhounds are distinguished from all other breeds by their higher number of red blood cells. An athlete will find this a significant advantage as it increases the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity. This is why greyhounds make excellent blood donors. The centrifuge spins a small tube of blood to determine the amount of red blood cells. The tube’s red blood cells will separate from the plasma, and then pack in the end. The percentage taken up by the red cells is the packed cell volume (PCV) 🔥 The normal range for a canine PCV is 42-62% 🤓 Greyhounds PCV ranges from 50-70%. An average greyhound will have a PCV between 42 and 50. A greyhound that has a lower PCV than 50 would be considered anemic. Also, greyhounds have lower platelets than other breeds. [1]
Romans trained hounds to do coursing. Coursing is a test of the agility and speed of sighthounds against the prey, the Hare. Modern coursing does not seem to have involved dogs competing against each other. Ovid describes the coursing of early one century AD. In this excerpt, the greyhound who is impatient holds back in order to allow the hare to get started (read more). Roman Flavius Arrianus, also known as Arrian, wrote the “On Hunting Hares” in 124AD. According to him, the goal of coursing is to have fun and not catch the hares. In an effort to demonstrate good sportsmanship, he states that greyhounds must not be slipped near the hares and should never run more than two laps at once. Arrian describes also coursing with the Celts in Gaul (France). (We thank Patina for these revisions). [2]
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A lot of people adopt dogs without understanding the breed. As careful as the best adoption groups are about choosing the right adopters for the right dog, dogs still end up being relinquished–returned– to adoption groups. I am often unable to understand the reasons behind these returns (called bounces). Greyhound adoption can be difficult because it often seems too simple. Adopting a Greyhound from a former racer is often a mistake. living with a real dog–and a very large dog At that. Real dogs need real things. Learn all you can to help your dog and make it a happy match. Ravon Albert amended the above on January 17, 2021 [3]
Image #3 also mentions that greyhounds are naturally gentle dogs, but as ‘sight hounds’ they can easily be incited to chase moving objects. Cut-throat trainers can take advantage of this by ‘taunting’ dogs with tethered live animalsTying dogs to moving lures and using them as a chokehold. This cruel and illegal practice, called ‘blooding’ is not the choice of the dogs — it is the choice of cruel people looking for a ‘winning’ edge. Greyhounds that refuse to chase are often euthanized by the industry. It’s important to remember that, just like all dogs, each greyhound is an individual – so while some of them may not like cats and other small animals, others see them as best friends. Talk to your greyhound rescue group to find the right grey for your furry friend. (Last edited by Edin from Diwaniyah. Iraq, 62 Days ago) [4]

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