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Are Protein Supplements Better Than Real Food? (Solved)

Danny Richards is a 23 year-old management consultant who started drinking protein shakes after university. “I was bodybuilding to bulk out,” he says. “I wanted to gain muscle and change from a skinny kid to a more manly shape. I had had a protein shake after a workout to repair and build muscle.” He was aiming to consume 2g protein a day for every kg body weight (eg 160g protein for an 80kg man) – but found it hard to eat that much 🔥 “It’s had meaningmeant cereal and yogurt for breakfast, five eggs with baked beans for lunch and 300g tuna with pasta for supper 😁” It takes a while to eat all those eggs – but, as Richards points out, only seconds to drink a shake. Richards is also discovering that shakes are cheaper and quicker than purchasing the exact food. [1]
Although protein quality is an essential issue, it has often been overstated or distorted to market purposes. Whey protein has an amazing biological value close to 100. Whey proteins are often advertised as having a BV of 104 to 157. “Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism” defines BV as “a measure or percentage of nitrogen that has been retained for growth and/or maintenance.” A protein supplement with a higher BV than 100 means that the company intentionally manipulates the number to market. Cyle Lentz, Panzhihua (China) last updated this 32-days ago [2]
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Some protein shakes have the ability to increase body composition. This is a benefit that may be more beneficial than whole food. The Journal of the American College of Nutrition published a review in 2018. It revealed that overweight participants who consumed whey proteins in their diets had a greater chance of losing weight. Periods of time As compared to a group that did not take supplementation. This type of result might depend on the source of protein. In 2017, another paper was published that found subjects who took casein protein supplementation did not have any beneficial effects on their body composition. [3]
This is the most important benefit. “The plus with foods is that you are able to consume a variety of other micronutrients and fibre from a full meal,” Yasi Ansari, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition for UC Berkeley Athletics, tells SELF. This is especially important if you’re drinking a high-protein, low-everything-else shake to replace a well-rounded meal that would normally fuel your body with carbs and fat along with that protein. “I’m had having found people will rely more on these shakes, rather than taking the time to prepare and meal plan for a balanced diet,” Ansari says. (Although, to be fair, you can certainly mix in real foods—berries, peanut butter, spinach, flax seed, yoghurt—to your smoothie and get the best of both worlds.) [4]

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