[RESOLVED!] Are You Liable For Tree Damage?

For future damage minimization, it is prudent to inspect trees located near your buildings 🔥 The trees that you plant on your land are subject to tree preservation orders and other planning restrictions. You are also entitled to prune branches of neighbours’ trees that overhang your land so long as you do not cause the tree to become unstable or die. Any branches that you have cut would need to be returned to the neighbourr, as they are their property. It would also make sense to talk to them prior to doing any work.🤓 [1]
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Jane lives in a block of flats with lots of trees. Four trees fell on the property’s property after a severe storm. A large eucalypt fell into her backyard. She is thankfully not hurt but there’s a large fallen tree blocking her access to the back gate. Her shed was also damaged when another one crashed into it. The third crashed onto her car, which was parked in the street. A fourth one landed next to the house! This has resulted in the need to remove the border fence and damaged neighbourr guttering. Jane had recently a landscaper visit her; he’s saying that all her trees were in good shape. We are grateful to Sharronda E. From Barcelona Puerto La Cruz Venezuela for this heads-up. [3]
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Experts at thtreeservices.co.ukThis question is answered by who the tree belongs to and on whose land it’s falling onto. If the’s tree falling onto your land from which it was located, it is your responsibility either to take it down or to make arrangements for it to be removed. Tree removal can be dangerous, particularly if the tree falls on your property or if it is partially still standing. You should hire a professional tree surgeon, who has the necessary experience in working at height and will be able to advise on the best way to take out a tree. Arjun Corbin amended this on January 7, 2020. [4]
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