can a hair dryer reduce frizz?

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Of course, a hair dryer alone isn’t going to entirely eliminate frizz πŸ™Œ Before you blow dry, Fitzsimons says there are two important rules to follow πŸ™Œ First, make sure your hair isn’t sopping wet when you hit it with heat 😎 Fitzsimons suggests towel drying your hair using a microfiber towel or cotton cloth if you are short on time. This will remove excess moisture and reduce frizz. He explains that if you blow dry your hair on wet hair you could cause your hair to get too hot, which can lead to frizz and a more severe condition. [1]
It does not matter how often you blow dry your hair, but it is important to have the proper tools. Adir Abergel, a Los Angeles hairdresser and Virtue creative director recommends that you choose a dryer that is both lightweight and durable. Works with your hair type. According to him, an ionic dryer is best for curly hair. You should use an ordinary blow-dryer if your hair is finer and has more volume. You can switch between ionic or non-ionic technology quickly if you are unsure or sharing a hairdryer with your roommate. Luzmaria Capeps updated the information on July 18, 2020. [2]
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Andrew Fitzsimons (a celebrity hairstylist) stated that Dyson is a favourite of many stylists. He noted that the Dyson is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for long sessions and transporting between jobs. Courtney Foster, a hairdresser and stylist, called the Supersonic her favourite blow dryer. She noted that it “prevents heat.” damage by regulating direct heat on the hair It gives hair a natural shine and eliminates frizz. Stefan Bertin β€” celebrity hairstylist to Letitia Wright and Alessandro Ambrosio β€” said the shine it provides hair is “unbeatable,” and the quiet motor is another big draw for him. According to him, the Supersonic was quiet because he is soft-spoken and clients don’t always hear what I’m saying. Jhonatan Rendon β€” who styles Christian Siriano and Lindsay Lohan β€” also recommended the Dyson because the “hair dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage.” Kristen Shaw is a celebrity hairdresser who also loves the Dyson blow dryer. She says it’s lightweight and has the right temperature. It reduces drying time, is less energy-intensive, and can be used for long, straight hair. [3]
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As you’d expect from the brains that managed to turn vacuum cleaners It is a significant status symbol that has become a natural honorific. You can find the spec here. Main selling point is powerThe 13-blade, digital motor generates the air. It is not located in the dryer’s head, which is industry standard, but rather in its handle. The motor pumps 13 litres per second of air up to the dryer’s head. This is multiplied by 41 litres, and then checked 20. Times per second to maintain a precise temperature. This dryer is capable of drying your hair quickly and without causing damage by excessive heat. The dryer runs at a relatively low 1600W, proving bigger isn’t always better when it comes to power. Marqueshia Boysce (Biel, China), last modified this page 63 days ago [4]
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You should be at least 60% dry before you use the hair dryer. Hair should be at least 60% dry before you start using the hair dryer as the longer you expose it to the heat, the more likely you’ll cause damage. Your hair is way more fragile when it’s wet so picking up your round brush will only cause damage and frizz in the long term. When your hair is at least 60% dry, rough-dry it using the medium heat on medium power. Once your hair is 80% dried, you can use your round brush to create waves. Use the cool setting on the hair dryer to keep your locks in place. End too as it helps to seal the cuticle and prevent frizz. Last edited by Stalin Crespo, Izhevsk (Russia) 31 days ago [5]

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