(SOLVED) Can Buyer Sign Closing Documents Early?

ITC can provide you with a Durable Power of Attorney, which authorizes a third party that you have designated to execute all of the closing documents on your behalf 🔥 Please let your closing team know in advance if this is something that you require and we can assist in sending you the document with all of the necessary signing and notary instructions 😊 Keep in mind that any documents that will be present at the closing have already been available for you, the seller, to see and review ahead of time. Even if you plan to be present at the closing table, it’s still a good idea to pre-sign just in case something comes up! [1]
A power of attorney gives the person to whom you have granted this document the power to act on your behalf in legal and financial matters. You must sign the power of attorney and have it notarized in order for the named individual to act as your agent. If you are married, you can give your spouse this limited power of attorney, which only relates to the closing and not other transactions on your behalf. He or she can then sign all the documents requiring your signature at the closing. If you aren’t married, you can chose a relative, friend or even the real estate agent as your power of attorney. If a lawyer is representing you at the closing, you can give your attorney the power of attorney. (last revised 67 days ago by Melessa G. From Qinzhou, China) [2]
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Depending on the contingencies outlined in the sale contract, the buyer can ask you to remedy any major repairs before closing or ask for a price reduction to cover the costs of making the repairs. When you sell to Opendoor, you can choose to skip the work and have us handle any repairs after you move out. We’ll ask for a credit to cover the costs, which are often lower than engaging repair vendors yourself because we can pass wholesale savings on to you. Alternatively, you can choose to do the repairs yourself and send us photos and documentation after they are complete. Learn more about how our home assessment and repair process works. [3]
Victoria Dietrich at sellingsouthoftheriver.com, explains how 5. What do I need to Bring to Closing? You will need a photo ID, the title company will make a photo copy of your ID. You will need to know your Social Security number; you do not need to have your card. If you are a Buyer you will need a Cashier’s Check for your down payment. The Cashier’s Check should be made out to yourself, you will sign it over to the title company at closing. You will be asked for your last 10 years of addresses. Sellers should bring their extra house keys, garage door openers and codes to closing for the new Buyers. [4]

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