(RESOLVED!) Can Celiac Disease Affect Your Eyes?

Many of these nutrients have been studied with respect supporting eye health and preventing vision decline 🔥 Nutrition has gained tremendous respect thanks to the ability of these key nutrients to support long-term eye health 😊 We saw a decline in the nutritional value of our foods, as well as our ability to grow our own food. Although food used to be sufficient to support healthy vision and eyesight, today it’s more difficult to keep your eye health in old age without paying close attention to the key nutrients. Malabsorption can be further complicated by conditions like celiac and gluten sensitivity. [1]
Although it may be, I’m not positive if this is due to celiac. I have Hashimoto’s which in the past would swing wildly going from hypo to hyper. It was so crazy that my doctor couldn’t keep pace. After my diagnosis of celiac, everything calmed down. My other autoimmune problems are activated by gluten exposure. It is possible for my eyes to be affected. My vision blurred and the muscles surrounding my eyes often ache. This occurs to my mother and she has Grave’s Disease (hyperthyroid). If this continues, please consult an eye doctor. Undiagnosed Graves Disease has caused permanent damage to my mother’s eyes. Don’t mess with your eyes. This page was last modified on 29/07/2018 by Jehna from Ibb (Yemen). [2]
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My annual eye exam was this week and I had begun to discuss the risks of taking over-the-counter medications with my doctor. My blog on the dangers of NSAID use was just published. My optometrist pointed out that there is a lot of research in his field that shows that many medications can cause damage to small blood vessels. He had gone on to say that he had found it upsetting because it’s never talked about in the news and he’s seeing glaucoma more often than ever before in his career. He thinks drugs are a big problem. Contributing factor. We are grateful to Mel Padgett, Tianshui (China) for sharing this information. [4]
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