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Can Deodorant Cause Hyperpigmentation? [RESOLVED!]

Summer calls for some of the best fashion trends of the season; think short skirts, backless dresses, sleeveless tank tops and all things stylish 🔥 However with summer comes a whole host of skin problems that aren’t as pleasant as the styles of the season 🙈 Dark underarms can be a source of embarrassment for so many people around the world that can easily prevent them from wearing their favorite sleeveless tops, dresses or even swimsuits 😁 Some deodorants/antiperspirants may contribute to dark skin in the underarms, as do some other external factors such as shaving, use of harsh scrubs and depilatories. With the assistance of skin specialists, we can help you get rid of dark underarms due to antiperspirants. [1]
Underarm discoloration, as I recently learnt, is fairly common—it’s having done, after all, happen to two people in my circle over the course of a month—and whatever you’re using to keep sweat and odourr at bay could be to blame (the other option is a condition called acanthosis nigricans, which you can learn more about here). Gretchen Frieling MD is a board certified dermatologist. “Physicians who use a lot deodorants and antiperspirants can cause irritation and thicken the dermis.” This thickened layer can make the skin appear darker. According to her, “Many antiperspirant sprays and deodorants contain aluminum and this can clog your pores and cause more inflammation.” Jeaneen Chappell MD, a board-certified dermatologist, explains further that discoloration can be caused by irritation to an antiperspirant ingredient in a formula (often aluminum), or the deodorant. These rashes can cause low-grade discoloration. inflammation which then cause “Improved pigmentation,” she said. [2]
Image #2 The darkened armpits can be caused by post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), which is a darkerening of skin after skin irritation or damage. The most common causes are, but not limited to, acne, pseudofolliculitis Barbae (razor bumps), allergic or atopic contact dermatitis (atopic or allergic contact), insect bites and skin exposure to topical irritants. PIH results from an increase in melanin production.African Americans are more susceptible to PIH because they have more melanin)*. When skin is injured or heals, melanin levels increase. Melanin is what defines the skin’s color. It is exactly what happens when you tan. Melanin is produced when skin has been damaged or burned by sun rays. This protects skin from future damage. causes skin Darken. (last edited 55 days back by Edwin Cheng, Tel Aviv Israel). [3]
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Jayson Corbin news24.comHere’s how to do it: – Take a regular shower or bath.- Use waxing instead of shaving. This helps reduce dark underarms. Dead skin cells can be removed by waxing. You can exfoliate effectively by using a semi-rough sponge in the shower. You should change your deodorant. Some antiperspirants or deodorants may cause melanin production to be halted. You can ask your dermatologist for one that is less harsh or you may find one at a local health clinic. food store.- Keeping your skin dryWearing clothes that cause sweat is not a good idea, particularly in the warmer months. When exercising, wear fabric which absorbs moisture. Avoid extreme heat or humid conditions. Maintain your healthy weight. This is something Shanetta Hooks, Kabinda (Dr Congo) has highlighted. [4]
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