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(SOLVED!) Can I'm Take Photos Underwater With Iphone Xr?

Just like on land, underwater landscape photography is a great way to showcase your vacation or travels πŸ‘ And while capturing underwater landscapes is a bit tricky, the results can be incredibly beautiful 😁 The secret to underwater landscapes is to use the widest-angle lens available to you and to try to capture as much light as possible in your scene πŸ™Œ The best way to capture light is sometimes to point your camera towards the surface. For a better photo, you can capture the scene above water. We also have cool travel tips with iPhones.
You should make sure you have your iPhone ready for underwater photography before taking any photos jump in the water. That means you’ll also want to make sure your iPhone has a fully charged battery before you head out for your day of shooting. Your phone can’t be charged while it’s still damp so get this done before you leave for your destination. Do not wait to charge your phone. Need it while you’re in the waterIt is better to allow it to dry before charging or using wireless charging. You can transfer photos from your computer to the same way. This was edited by Alexander James, Bhavnagar (India) on August 2, 2020.
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Get in touch with us The company’s app, designed to reprogram your buttons for underwater use, will be included with the housing. You can cover the entire front with a transparent housing. Screen that allows you use your touch Screen to edit the app prior to you enter the water. You cannot use the touch screen while you are in the water. You can set the options for camera/video via touch screen, but you must be able to use it before entering the water. This page explains how the app works and provides details on the various settings options. Last modified by Wiliam Parar (Blemfontein), South Africa, 9 days ago The key to underwater photography, according to the author, is keeping your camera’s lens clear of obstructions. Also keep your shutter buttons (whether they are on the screen or volume) accessible and functioning well. You shouldn’t sacrifice waterproof. If you are swimming with the fishes don’t think you can keep your iPhone dry for longer than recommended by the IP67 rating of the iPhone X series (up to 30 mins for a depth up to 1.5m) and the IP68 rating of the iPhone 11 series (maximum depth 4m up to 30 mins). IEC standard 60529 gives the iPhone 13 series an IP68 rating (maximum depth 6m up to 30 min). If you want to make your photos last longer, a waterproof case will be essential. Javetta Dow, April 7, 2020.
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