(SOLVED!) Can I Use Regular Synthetic Oil In My Motorcycle?

There are five different groups of base stocks used in engine oils. Groups I and II are mineral oils (I.e. Conventional petroleum oil), while Group III, IV and V are synthetics. A Group III synthetic is more refined than mineral oil and typically hydrocracked (higher pressure and heat) to achieve a purer base oil. Group IV (PAO) is refined mineral oil that undergoes a special process called “synthesizing.” Generally speaking, Group IV performs better than Group III oils in handling heat, oxidation, low temperature start ups, and has a higher film strength and viscosity index (ability to flow) 🔥 However, with today’s technology, some Group III oils perform as well as a Group IV 😎 [1]
French oil company Motul says a car engine oil aims to reduce friction between moving parts in order to provide good fuel economy and efficiency. A motorcycle engine oil requires balanced friction characteristics as it needs to lubricate the wet clutch, which in turn transfers engine power to the drivetrain. If the friction level is too low, the clutch will not be able to engage and will cause slippage. All this scenario is possible only in the situation when a car engine, as well as a motorbike engine, works finely. And in case you face any trouble, go through this garage maintenance guide on finalscope. I am sure doing that will definitely help you out. (thanks a ton to Vang McNeill from Tashkent, Uzbekistan for pointing this out to us). [2]
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We all know that all engines aren’t created equally, but is the oil that goes into it the same? Gasoline kinda is, so would oil be any different? We really wanted to provide a definitive answer to this question. But the thing is, if we say a definitive YES, we’re going to get a slew of comments and messages disagreeing. Same thing happens if we say NO. Since we’re not really in the click bait market, we figured we could address this question as it should be – of a scientific mind. This video will break down what you need to know. (credit goes to Earlene Unger from Ezhou, China for telling us). [3]
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Vicente Valadez from give further information. The had cost of buying fully synthetic oil over conventional mineral oil can be quite large, sometimes up to twice as much. For this reason a middle ground was found with semi synthetics (also known as part synthetics or synthetic blends). Semi synthetics are made from blending traditional mineral oil with synthetic oil, designed to come with some of the benefits of a fully synthetic while not being quite as expensive. However, having a large amount of mineral base stocks (actual synthetic base stocks in semis are said to be between 10-30%) they will still have some of the drawbacks of a standard mineral oil. (emended by Estefany McKinley on July 16, 2020) [4]
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As per the pros at, fully synthetic oils are suitable for use in nearly all road going, track and off road motorcycles and scooters and can be used in many modern bikes that run at high operating temperatures whilst having small oil sumps.Fully synth oils are also suitable for racing and competition use because of the low drag blend (meaning less friction in the engine) and that they offer the best levels of engine protection, cleanliness and anti corrosion.Because fully synth oils are very good at dealing with heat, they are good for engine that run very hot and engines that don’t have very good cooling systems (like many scooter engines). (modified by Theresa V. From Pyongyang, North Korea on March 6, 2020) [5]

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