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Can Mold Travel In The Air? (SOLVED)

Stachybotrys chartarum, more commonly known as “black mould,” was first identified in Prague in 1837 😎 A Czech mycologist discovered the mould growing on an indoor wall of a home 👍 Despite an early discovery, the term “black mould” only became part of the normal lexicon of the average homeowner in the 1990’s, when the nightly news brought the phrase “black mould” into homes across America 👍 Though black mould is considered harmful, the details are still in question. This article is meant to help inform those who are worried about being exposed to black mould. Visit our store to purchase an air purifier for mould. [1]
There are key ingredients needed for mould growth in homes which are the presence of mould spores, a surface for it to grow on, oxygen, warmth, and darkness. When the moisture is present into these ingredients whether from stagnant water, high level of humidity, or a water leak, the mould problems begin. The smaller mould spores that may look like soot or dirt could actually be mould in disguise. As such, people ignore it. If you visibly see mould growing, no matter how small, mould remediation technicians of Central Massachusetts recommend taking action immediately. Determining where mould is commonly found in homes can help you prevent and treat it so you can keep your home mould-free and your body healthy. [2]
Image #2 goes on to describe that when it comes to mould growth within an indoor environment like a home it can be smelly and unappealing due to the potential damage it can cause onto the surfaces, but even more concerning is the dangerous effects it presents to human health upon exposure. Mold has been associated with both allergies and infections in those who are exposed to this fungus and react to it in their air. Depending on the individuals, some have a mould sensitivity to this type of allergen in their environment and it can lead to symptoms that can be constant when in the presence of this mould inside a home or other indoor space. (edited by Sharon G. From Fushun Liaoning, China on February 8, 2021) [3]