Can Springtails Infest Humans? [RESOLVED!]

In August 2019, we arranged to meet up with Jaxon and JoJo, from the GreenHeartsandFingers website, and, together with Agent Jobs, for safety, we headed into a mutual friend’s house 🙌 We discovered, after much testing, that springtails could probably enter a house via an open door, or an unlatched window, disguised as invisible smoke, riding a pet or hiding in a potted plant 😉 They would be attracted by the cool dark interior in which to breed and lay their eggs. Agent Jobs informed us that both larvae and adult insects could bite. Jaxon also agreed. “They can take down a horse’“, he nodded.Although gardens can be more dangerous than homes for bites, there are still a large number of them in the garden. I have some gloves and activated crystalline water in our Summer Sale, if you’re interested…?” [1]
Collembola can be especially harmful to pet owners. Dogs and cats who trample through moist soil or wet grass can pick up springtails and transport them into the home; however, it’s not likely that springtails will stay attached to pets like fleas unless an animal’s immune system is compromised (for example, if there’s a fungal infection of the skin.) It is easy to transmit springtails between animals and humans. Close contact isn’t necessary. They can leap three- to four feet. Although they may be hard to see, you might not notice their ability to soaring through the air. Sometimes they are smaller than a pin’s head. [2]
Image #2 J. explains how busvine is made. (1951:421-422). Britain: “The domestic colembola (I.e. Hypogastrura Purpurascens Lubbock can sometimes be found living in houses. It thrives between three and fifteen degrees Celsius (37 degrees F.), or 59 degrees F. These plants are resilient to low temperature The temperature at which cold death is possible ranges from -5 to -15°C (23- to 5°F ). A pest-control agent from America described an infestation caused by Seira.nigromaculata inside the insulation of a refrigerated plant. It was possible to eliminate the infestation by spraying insulation material six feet apart with a 5% solution rotenone-methyl formate. 18″ Busvine mispelled the word ‘purpurescens’ as ‘purpurascens. Cited from Scott, H.G. Wiseman (J.S. & Stojanovich, C.J. (1962:430): “… Species of Nearctic Collembola … Reported intimiately associated with man (only earliest reference given): Entomobryoides purpurascens (Packard 1873), by Busvine 1951” Note that Scott & al. Referred in error to another species of collembolan (probably because Busvine used an incorrect spelling). Last modified by Anand Goins, Hengyang (China) 5 weeks ago [3]
Image #3 It is also mentioned that if your house becomes infested by springtails it can be treated with our organic indoor spray. This formula can be applied to bedding, carpets, and skin. The outdoor concentrate can also be used to soak soil and mulch that are prone to springtail infestations. Concentrate on those areas near the home’s perimeter for best results. To kill mold Apply our termite treatment using a paintbrush to remove any springtails that may be present in wood siding or decks. Wood sealants are just coatings that adhere to wood surfaces. This is a penetrant. It can be seen literally leeching through wood, and passing through capillaries. You can penetrate concrete, wood and stone completely while giving cedar oil to all insects below it. Alisse Beavers, Ji Nan Shandong in China (last updated 4 weeks ago) [4]
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