Can You Deepen A Basement? (#1 Answer)

Is converting a basement expensive?As with any conversion there are varying costs, but on average a basement conversion (from an existing cellar or underground space) is likely to cost between £450 – £650 per m² to get it to the first fix stage (a shell space with concrete walls and floor ready for the first fix I.e. Wiring and plumbing) from there really the sky is your limit 🙈 If you’re looking to create an underground space from scratch, perhaps under an existing extension, then you will need to budget for significantly more work including excavating, underpinning, temporary works and much more 🤓 A typical budget for this type of work should start at between £1,600 – £2,200 per m² to get you to shell space 🙈 [1]
For you and your family need more space No one would want to leave their home and neighborhood. Although you could add an extension, it would take away the wonderful garden space or backyard and create zoning problems. However, you could also build out but this would have serious financial implications. There are other ways to increase the amount of living space The goal of a basement is to maximize the space in your house. You basement can be used for many purposes. Low ceiling and could only house elves? This is true even if your basement floor needs to be lowered or supported. It all depends on how much money you have available for renovations, as well as the amount of space that you desire to build into your home. It is worthwhile to consider reducing the size of your house. [2]
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Per the point above, digging under your house isn’t cheap, so looking at other areas to expand is a smart move. You might be able to add a second story or build an addition to your home. Space that isn’t in the basement is going to be cheaper to build, and inherently be sunnier and nicer (which is a reason why I advocate for finishing the basement at a high level so it doesn’t feel like a demerit to spend time there). If expanding elsewhere isn’t an option and/or you still can’t get enough space then digging down might be a good choice. It is what happened at my house, as I couldn’t go up or out and so the only option was to go down. Frances Jones of Gaya, India (revised July 17, 2021). [3]
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Siri Myers says at basement conversion will be subject to building control. They will want to inspect the drawings, calculations and plans, as well as drainage and fire escape routes and ceiling heights. These matters must be included in the drawing pack if professional assistance was used. After work is started, the building inspector will provide a checklist of the stages he/she will need to inspect before moving on to the next one. Building control will sign off at the end of your project. You should attach this vital certificate to your documentation in case of future sales. Nilda parnell updated this information on May 4, 20,21 [4]
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