Can You Drink In Mexico In 2019? (Solved)

Imagine if it were a problem, the tourist industry would have a backlash against coming to this part of the world 🙈 This however does not mean you should be opening your mouth in the shower and gargling the water 🤓 It you do end up at a local family’s house where their might be concerns about the quality of care given to the water system, then you might want to use bottled water to brush your teeth 🙌 This would really only be a concern if the water tank was not sealed properly and bacteria could grow in the pipes and tank that hold the water supply on the roof of the house. [1]
Enjoy a cocktail drink on a stylish rooftop bar. Lounge by the beach with a few bottles of cold beer. These are just a couple of things you can enjoy when vacationing in Mexico. However, before you pop that beer can, make sure you know the legal drinking age and rules in Mexico. The legal drinking age in Mexico may be lower than in the U.S., but this doesn’t mean Mexico is any less lenient about underage drinking. Keep in mind that irresponsibility and carelessness have repercussions, any of which can ruin your trip. So, before you pack your bags with your family or friends, make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and laws. (last revised 39 days ago by Regnald Baughman from Cali, Colombia) [2]
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Basic meals are served at restaurantes, but you can get breakfast, snacks and often full meals at cafés too; there are takeaway and fast-food places serving sandwiches, tortas (filled rolls) and tacos (tortillas folded over with a filling), as well as more international-style food; there are establishments called jugerías (look for signs saying “Jugos y Licuados”) serving nothing but wonderful jugos (juices), licuados (fruit blended with water or milk) and fruit salads; and there are street stalls dishing out everything from tacos to orange juice to ready-made vegetable salads sprinkled with chile-salt and lime. Just about every market in the country has a cooked-food section, too, and these are invariably the cheapest places to eat, if not always the most enticing surroundings. Big cities and resorts have international restaurants – pizza, burgers and Chinese food are ubiquitous, and Argentine restaurants are the places to go for well-cooked, quality steaks. [3]
Image #3 gives additional information. Tainted alcohol — also called counterfeit, unregulated, or bootleg alcohol — is liquor that’s been produced illegally via a variety of methods, typically with the goal of minimizing cost and maximizing profit. This could be as simple as replacing a high-end spirit with a low-end one or diluting bottles with water, which are both relatively harmless, or as dangerous as mixing chemicals like indigestible alcohols into the real product, which can lead to death if consumed. A common additive is methanol, which is a form of alcohol commonly used in antifreeze that is fatally toxic to humans in small doses. It can also cause permanent blindness. Bootleggers may put tainted alcohol into bottles with counterfeit labels of popular liquor brands or slip them into genuine bottles from those brands before resealing the cap. (edited by Cherilyn Kinsey on February 7, 2021) [4]

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