can you hard prune a rhododendron?

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When the last of the pine tree was removed, I discovered that the damage was surprisingly slight, except for a beautiful Rhododendron ‘Roseum Elegans’, now a 2-foot mound of broken branches and torn foliage 👍 Curious to see if the shrub would recover on its own, I trimmed it back a bit, cut back the scaffold of branches to as pleasing a shape as possible, and waited to see what would happen 🔥 Four years later, the rhododendron is one of the most eye-catching shrubs in the yard, with a beautiful shape, dense branches, and plentiful flowers. It is amazing how responsive Rhododendrons can even be to extreme pruning.
Pruning a Rhododendron plant is best done after its flowers have faded. This is the best time to prune a rhododendron shrub. timing preserves the buds that already formed for next year’s flowers. The fact that severe pruning can prevent the next year’s flowering is a reason to not worry about pruning the buds. However, it’s best to start to prune the plants as soon as you are able. The shrub will live longer if pruned in the spring or late winter. growing season It is possible to heal. You’ll notice tiny pink spots on the bark of shrub branches if you close your eyes. After you cut, these tiny dots will turn into latent buds and grow into lateral branches. You should cut the branches about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch higher than the buds that face the direction where you wish the branch grow. Jameila Ross updated this text on February 12, 2020
Image #2 It is also mentioned that pruning can do a lot. Pruning can be done early on in a plant’s life. For example, it could involve the returning of nursery stock in order to reach compactness. Many fine rhododendrons will decline over the years, grow leggy or become a nuisance if they are not given enough attention. This is what happens. plants often You can revive and improve your plants with judicious pruning. However, there are some limits. It is impossible to force a medium-sized “Elizabeth” into submission. grow tall You can prune the giant-sized “Loderi King George” tree. Pruning is a good option for most rhododendrons. It is difficult to improve the growth of some plants that don’t sprout from old wood. Some others should be kept out of direct sunlight if they sprout well. You can always consult an expert if you are unsure.