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A mechanical method of pre-treatment is sweep blasting using fine copper slag, J blast or carborundum powder with a blast pressure of no greater than 40psi (2.7 bar) 🙈 This will ensure that only the minimum amount of oxide is removed and the zinc surface is left in a slightly roughened condition 😁 Care should be taken when carrying out sweep blasting on very thick galvanized coatings to avoid damage to the coating 😎 To achieve optimal results on galvanized steelwork, the nozzle-to–workpiece distance and blasting angle must be determined 🔥 Under no circumstances should angular iron blasting grit be used. A common addition to chemical preparation is sweep blasting. [1]
You may have wondered what makes certain metals resistant to corrosion. This silvery-spangled metal seems to be able to stand the test of time and resist corrosion, even without any protective coating. The truth is, there is a protective coating on the metal – a protective layer of zinc (Zn) has been applied through a process called galvanization. In the simplest terms, the zinc has been applied to the base steel through a process called “Hot Dip Galvanizing” or “Immersion Galvanizing”. The zinc immersion’s sole purpose is to protect the steel. The zinc coating serves two purposes: it protects the steel and acts as a barrier. It also provides a means of saving the steel from being exposed to the elements through scratches or breaks in the zinc. Galvanization is the same as a zinc plate, which protects the submerged section of the steel. Boat motor – through sacrificial protection. Last revised by Tanesha Drizcoll, Bacolod (Philippines) on 94/07/2018 [2]
Image #2 The 3. Pre-treatment by sweep blasting. This mechanical process involves using either fine copper slag or J blast to blast the area with no more than 40psi (2.75 bar) blast pressure. By doing this, the oxide will be removed as little as possible and the zinc’s surface will remain slightly roughened. To avoid any damage to galvanized coatings, it is important to take care when sweep blasting. If you want to achieve the best results, it is important to identify the optimal distance between your nozzle and work piece as well as the angle to blast all galvanized steelwork surfaces. Anangular iron blasting must be avoided under any circumstance. Sometimes, sweep blasting is used along with the chemical preparation stage. This was pointed out by Erika Rucker (Khulna Bangladesh) [3]
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Celso Locke diynovice.wordpress.comThis article explains what galvanized steel is. This is steel with a zinc coated to improve its resistance against corrosion. Hot-dip galvanization is the most common method of creating galvanized steel. These steels are known for their Spangle appearance. Spangle can be described as a visibly large, crystalline grain size. Spangles made from small quantities of lead, or any other impurities, will appear larger and more obvious. Galvanized spangles can be clearly seen steel guard rail below. The zinc coatings applied by other galvanization methods usually don’t produce any visible spangle and instead give off a dull gray appearance. These processes are briefly described below (from Grip-Rite fasteners website): Electrogalvanized – zinc coating applied to steel with an electric charge – offers limited corrosion resistance – typically applied to roofing nails Mechanically galvanized– zinc applied by tumbling with powdered zinc and glass beads – provides slightly better corrosion protection than electrogalvaized steels. Hot galvanized – zinc is applied through a heat treatment. Provides best corrosion protection behind Hot-dip galvanization. Denise Brooks, Liuyang (China) on October 31, 2020. [4]

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