Can You Put Tv In Bathroom? [Solved]

Yes, you read it right, “installing a television in your bathroom” 🔥 People are highly addicted to Game of Thrones and sitcoms that they don’t like to miss even a single episode 🙌 A bathroom might not sound the most appropriate place to install a TV but it’s a trend that is catching fast. The primary TV is usually located in the living area. Additional televisions are available for the bedrooms. Technology is constantly improving and people require TV in their bathrooms. It is different from installing a TV inside a bathroom. living roomA bathroom TV needs to be treated with care. We will discuss the various considerations when installing a television in your bathroom. [1]
Standard televisions cannot withstand water. Although humidity is not a problem in the kitchen it can pose a concern in bathrooms. Choose a waterproof TV, and you’ll have no worries. Many TVs come with antifogging screen. There is also an embedded TV screen in the mirror of your bathroom. It appears for watching, then disappears from view when you merely want to use the mirror.Since you’re usually limited on space in the bathroom when it comes to open wall space, you’ll want to buy a Smart TV so you can easily stream and view your show of choice without the hassle of hooking up a cable or dish box. The Smart TV is sleek and stylish. [2]
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Tate Ambrose, seems that there is no need for a TV in the bathroom, thanks to the growing popularity of mobile and tablet usage and the availability of streaming at the click of a button. However, statistics don’t marry up with this assumption. Over 54% homes in the UK have an en-suite bathroom. access to at least One tablet is based upon 2015 Ofcom research. According to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board, (BARB), the viewing figures for most watched programs on mobile or tablet in the third quarter 2020 reached figures between 75-90,000. Netflix also reports that 70% of their viewing occurs on connected TV rather than mobile devices. [3]
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The interesting thing about new research is that it comes from Bathroom TV’s are becoming a more popular trend among homeowners. For those who can’t miss their favorite TV shows, they will enjoy catching up on the latest episodes while relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass or two of wine. You may wonder how much it would cost to upgrade your bathroom. cost to install one. Average cost of installing a bathroom TV is anywhere between £500-£6000, depending on the size of your device. You will find everything you need before you buy a bathroom TV. This article will show you how to find the most competitive tradespeople or suppliers and what to do before your television is installed. [4]

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