Can You Use A Pressure Canner On A Glass Cooktop? [Solved]

Three main reasons manufacturers discourage canning on glass-topped stoves are: First, many canners older than 20 years have concave bottoms 😉 A concave bottom combined with heat and water will cause a seal between the stovetop and canner. It’s not a huge deal until you go to move A canner which has stuck itself to the stove. A strong seal may mean that you can’t move it. This can lead to a cracked stove top or even a shattered surface.🔥 [1]
A flat-bottomed stockpot might be an option. Remember, you can do water bath canning in any pot–it doesn’t have to be an official water bath canner. You just need the pot to be deep enough that the jars can be submerged. If your stove manufacturer says “no” to water bath canning because the canner is too large and heavy, consider doing small In a stockpot, you can store batches of 3 to 4 jars at once. These would make a similar amount of soup and stew in size and weight. Gabriel Adams, Bahawalpur (Pakistan), edited this article on October 14, 2020. [2]
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(1) The Ball stainless steel water Although it does have an aluminum core, the bath canner is actually 18/20 gauge stainless and will therefore work induction. Flat bottom allows it to work with both induction and glass stovetops. The width isn’t as great as those from Granite Ware that go beyond the burner. Ball says,”Its flat stainless steel bottom allows it to sit and work perfectly on glass top stoves….Compatible with all variety of stovetops.” Ball Product page for ‘Collection Elite® Stainless Steel Waterbath Canner’. Accessed March 2015 at (a massive thank you to Danyl Thorne for their response). [3]
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2. These cooktops often have an automatic shut-off on the burners when it heats up. If this option is not available, the burner underneath a canner will shut off at the end of the processing time. The product cannot then be saved as canned food. This is the process time must be continuous at the intended temperatureSome microorganisms, such as bacteria, may live. You should also be aware that if pressure drops fast, it is possible for liquid and even food to escape from the jar. It will then spill from the high pressure within the jar onto the low pressure canner surrounding the jar. Jameica Whitehouse, Bhubaneswar (India) last revised this article 96 days ago [4]
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