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can you use solid wood flooring with underfloor heating?

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If you already have underfloor heating or are thinking about getting it, then you will want to know which floors are compatible 🙈 There are different types of underfloor heating systems: electric and water 😁 Although they work in slightly different ways, they both heat the floor from underneath 🤓 It is really important that you know which floors can and can’t be used with underfloor heating system. Some flooring types have been tested and designed to be able to handle the temperature changes. It is possible for your flooring to become irreparable and damaged if it does not withstand heat. These are the types of flooring we recommend for underfloor heating. [1]
Is underfloor heating or solid wood flooring bad ideas? In order to explain, it’s best to start right back in the forest. Chips are made of potatoes, and solid wood flooring comes from trees. It’s simple, no? Both yes and no. When trees are out in the forest, they’re exposed to sometimes significant temperature and moisture changes and they take it all in their stride. This is because they’re still alive and able to respond to their environment by expanding and contracting according to the prevailing conditions. Once trees have been lumbered and processed into wood flooring the need to expand and contract decreases somewhat but it’s this that is at the crux of the problem with installing solid wood flooring over underfloor heating. Courey Malloy updated this article on October 25, 20,21. [2]
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These are the steps to follow when considering UFH with a wood floor. Wooden flooring is the best material and choice for UFH as it is naturalThe UFH system is warm and comfortable to the touch, not unlike stone. It’s also environmentally friendly because it can be used as a renewable energy source which helps reduce global warming. The company that installed the UFH should issue a certificate to confirm that it works properly with temperature controlled temperatures. A flow control valve, and not thermostats, is the only way to regulate the screed’s surface temperature. Last edited by Martinique Elkins, Marseille, France. [3]
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Keeley Cranmer Please send us additional information. It will all depend on what wood flooring you select. There are many wood flooring options available that can be installed over underfloor heating. However, it’s not as easy as choosing an engineered or laminated floor. Check the details of installation to see which engineered floors cannot be used over underfloor heating. Solid wood flooring, contrary to popular belief can. The reason is that suitability is dependent on the way the flooring was made and the drying process of the timber. Avoid potential problems by making sure the flooring is marked to allow for underfloor heating. Dalila from Wuxi in China, last edited 86 Days ago [4]