Did Amy Schumer Write I'm Feel Pretty? [SOLVED!]

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Do yourself a favourr and never Twitter search “Shallow Hal + I’m Feel Pretty 😊” It’s no surprise that there are people online who don’t much like Amy Schumer, but rarely does the vitriol come with this level of misplaced specificity 😉 A vocal faction of viewers decided sight unseen that Schumer’s new comedy vehicle is the second coming of the execrable 2001 rom-com in which Jack Black falls in love with an obese woman solely because he sees her in the svelte form of Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s a vicious piece of work, and bears little resemblance to the anodyne feel-good ethic of I’m Feel Pretty, in which Schumer stars as a meek wannabe cosmetics executive fittingly named Renee. She’s reborn when a spin-class bonk on the head raises her confidence to high-concept studio-project extremes, and finds that if she can just believe in herself, everyone else will follow suit. Shallow Hal would be a pitch-meeting term. film about a man I’m Feel Pretty, a movie about a woman trying to be a loving woman imperfectly, is about a woman trying to learn to accept her imperfections. [1]
Schumer’s Renee Bennett, an online service rep for a luxury Beauty is her obsession. She’s a true believer who spends hours painting another face over her face. I’m Feel Pretty isn’t a slob-to-chic makeover movie: From the beginning, her hair is perfectly curled, her Spanx hoisted, her outfits stylishly chosen, her nights spent studying YouTube cosmetics tutorials. There’s a false gag when Renee panics about visiting the corporate office carrying a purse that’s a Bed Bath & Beyond shopping bag – c’mon, she wears heels to send emails in a basement! – which works against Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein’s point that this is a woman doing everything she can to look good. Anne Schilling (Yongzhou China), last modified this document 77 days back [2]
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“I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I am what Hollywood calls ‘very fat,’” she’s sayingying two years later in “The Leather Special.” “They photographed me once, and this was the headline: ‘Schumer buys pastry so she can work out.’ Kind of mean, right? Yes, that’s right. That’s what I do to work out. First, I buy a scone and walk slowly around the reservoir. Then, I go to work. My workouts feel like someone in hospice. Just, like, nibbling on a baked good, looking at the trees and the birds.” (we say thank you to Justa Burrell from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for telling us about this). [3]
Based on an article by hollywoodreporter.comMarc Silverstein and Abby Kohn, first time co-directors, have written the film. Schumer portrays a New Yorker, Renee, who starts to believe she is beautiful after suffering a head trauma at an exercise class. The central hook of the story is that Schumer’s Renee hasn’t changed in appearance at all, despite how she re-introduces herself to her friends (played by Busy Phillips and Aidy Bryant) as if she were completely unrecognizable, and carries herself with more confidence in a workplace full of models and women like Michelle Williams’ Avery. Schumer manages to create magic from the character while keeping her sharp eye for good humor. Catelin Flowers from Quzhou in China edited the last version of this article 87 days earlier. [4]
The last words we hear in the new Amy Schumer movie—and I’m Feel Pretty is the kind of feature designed to be referred to as “the new Amy Schumer movie,” though Schumer neither wrote nor directed it—aren’t the comedian’s. These words belong to a spin instructor who shouts the same slogans as others about setting goals and visualizing them while customers puff and puff. The film is a studio comedy, but this megachurch-like workout isn’t a parody; its motivational mantras are a sincere expression of the movie’s mission statement. Amy Schumer is a big fan of Instagram quotes with I’m Feel Pretty. Modified by Neghan Rico December 31, 2020 [5]
Schumer plays Renee Bennett, who lives in New York, alone (somewhere in Chelsea), and works for a glamorous luxury-cosmetics company—but you’d never know it from the setting of her digital back-office duties, which she fulfills from a grim and grimy Chinatown basement where her one colleague is the grumpy and uncommunicative Mason (Adrian Martinez, a scintillating comedian who’s wasted in a trivial role). Her ambition is to be transferred to the company’s gleaming headquarters in a glass tower across from Bryant Park; her desire is to have a romantic relationship with a man, and it’s a desire that she shares with her two best friends, Viv (Aidy Bryant) and Jane (Busy Philipps). Koby Hoffmann (Karaj, Iran), last modified 13 days ago [6]
Some of that is the fault of the movie itself, which is about a single, insecure cosmetics-company lackey named Renee Bennett (played by Schumer), whose self-image gets a radical makeover after she busts her head in spin class and, apparently delusional, wakes up convinced she’s beautiful. That’s what it means. There’s social commentary about women, body image, and self-worth; you might write it off as another example of Schumer’s ongoing schtick, which satirizes both insecure women and the society that makes them that way. I think the film itself is both smarter than that impression and not, but what matters up front is that the movie is already mired in people’s feelings about Schumer herself, and about her comedic track record. Linh Silber from Copenhagen in Denmark, last edited 33 days earlier [7]

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