Did Louis Armstrong Live In Queens? (SOLVED)

Yet in 1943, he and his wife, Lucille, settled in a modest house in Corona, Queens, where they lived for the remainder of their lives 😎 No one has lived in the house since the Armstrongs, and the house and its furnishings remain very much as they were during Louis and Lucille’s lifetime 😊 Today, the Louis Armstrong House Museum & Archives is open to the public, offering guided tours of Louis’s longtime home. On the tour, audio clips from Louis’s homemade recordings are played, and visitors hear Louis practicing his trumpet, listening to music, or talking with his friends. Visitors also get to enjoy an exhibit on Louis’s life and legacy, and the Armstrongs’ beautiful Japanese-inspired garden. [1]
It Louis Armstrong House Museum was sad to learn of the loss of Jerome Chazen at the age of 1994. Chazen (pictured with Armstrong) was among the last people to have had a chance to meet and connect with Armstrong. Louis Armstrong House Museum Executive Director Regina Bain states: “Jerry Chazen was an accomplished businessman, but I know him because he loved and respected Louis Armstrong. He was a light-hearted person who loved to listen to Armstrong’s stories and play them. His role as the Board chair for the Louis Armstrong House Museum was to advocate strongly for Armstrong’s legacy. He also served as a strong advocate for all it represented: community inclusion, artistic genius, joy, youth support, and the encouragement of others. As a Black, non-Jewish woman the word “mensch” is not a part of my cultural heritage. Nevertheless, I feel deeply in my heart that this man was a mensch – a man of deep integrity and honourr. I am proud to have known him.” We at the Louis Armstrong House Museum will carry on in his memory, remaining dedicated and devoted to Armstrong’s legacy just as he was. The Chazen family receives our sincere condolences. Samuel Campbell (Manila, Philippines) edited this article on January 14, 2020. [2]
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“It was in the wee hours of the morning and I was real beat,” he later recalled. “I get up the courage to get out of the Cab and Ring the Bell. It was a success! door opened and who stood in the doorway with a real thin silk night gown—hair in curlers. She looked exactly like my favourite flower, the Red Rose. The more Lucille showed me around the house the more thrilled I gottten…I felthad felt very grand over it all.” After three failed marriages and years of wandering, noted biographer Terry Teachout, Armstrong had found a home that he loved and a wife whom he trusted. Last modified 53 days ago, by Salbador Butler from Louisville (USA). [3]
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It is located in Corona in Queens and still exists in the exact same state as it was when Armstrong lived there with Lucille. It has not been occupied by anyone since Armstrong’s death. house has been restored and maintained in period style. Many of the original furnishings remain and the artist’s music is piped throughout the home as visitors make their way along the tour. There are also recordings of Armstrong talking to friends and practicing trumpet so it’s almost as if the jazz great is still haunting his former abode, although the experience is more educational than supernatural. This is Rowland Vu, Nanning (China) after I pointed this out. [4]
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