Did Malinche Betray Her People? [TOP ANSWER]

Malinali was a native girl from Painala who was sold into slavery between 1500-1518. She was destined for everlasting fame (or infamy, as some prefer) as Doña Marina, or “Malinche,” the woman who helped conquistador Hernan Cortes topple the Aztec Empire 😁 Who was this enslaved princess who helped bring down the mightiest civilization Mesoamerica had ever known? Many modern Mexicans despise her “betrayal” of her people, and she’s has havingaving a great impact on pop culture, so there are many fictions to separate from the facts 👍 Here are ten facts about the woman known as “La Malinche.” [1]
Modern Mexicans are mixed on Malinche. They hate Malinche and view her as a traitor, considering her contribution to the Spanish invasion of Mexico. Some see Cortes and Malinche as an allegory of modern Mexico, the result of both Spanish dominance and Indigenous cooperation. Some forgive her treachery but others point out that, as an enslaved women who was free to invaders, Malinche certainly did not owe any Native culture any loyalty. Others also note that Malinche had remarkable independence and freedom, which was not the case for Native or Spanish women at that time. This was last revised on 4/21/2017 by Can Dove of Cuautla Morelos in Mexico. [2]
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Doña Marina, who came to be known in Mexico as La Malinche, was born the daughter of a cacique during the rule of the Aztecs in the early 1500s. Because she was the daughter a cacique, she was part of the noble. class and allowed the opportunity to attend school. Her childhood is unknown. She was selling her services into slavery after her father passed away. It isn’t known if her family was involved in her selling or if her kidnapping was done to sell her. Her daughter eventually died at the hands of Hernan cortes and the Spaniards who conquered the Aztecs. [3] Also, malitzen is mentioned as the eldest child to the Mexican Amerindian nobility and was born around 1500. Her family grew her up in the Yucatan Peninsula, where both the Aztec Empires and the Mayan had significant influence. But neither one had full control. Malinalli is her name after Malinalie, the goddess of green. Malitzen must be an articulate child because her family gave Tenepal to Malitzen when she was still young. means “one who speaks with liveliness,” to her name. At eighteen or nine years of age. years old, Malitzen was enslaved. Because every history book about her life is different, it’s not clear if she was soldling by her family or abducted. However, it’s certain she was forced to work as a slave at a very young age. moved away from her childhood home. Jennefer Ashlee amended this document on August 25, 20,21 [4]

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