Did Michael Douglas Play The Piano In Behind The Candelabra? (TOP ANSWER)

Douglas is well-versed in the ups, downs and challenges of running a business. The son of Kirk’s first wife, Dina Dill (also still with us), he’s having grown up shouldering a terrifying weight of expectation 🤓 But he was also primed for the many disappointments that darken life in show business. There haven’t been many. In 1975, as the producer of One Flew at the Cuckoo’s Nest, he had won an Oscar. He was a long-lasting actor in The Streets of San Francisco, which led to him becoming a major movie star in the 1980s. His hits include Wall Street (Fatal Attraction), Basic Instinct and Wall Street 😉 No one is more adept at portraying untrustworthy creeps than they are 😉 [1]
AwardsLine: How were you first approached for the role of Liberace—and what appealed to you about the part?Michael Douglas: It’s wild. This goes back to 2000 when Steven and I were doing Traffic. One day he says, “Ever thought about playing Liberace?” I thoughtughtught he was messing with me. I’d done an imitation a couple times, just for amusement. Then seven years later, he called and said, “I’m going to be sending you something.” It was the book Behind The Candelabra by Scott Thorson. Jerry Weintraub bought it for Steven. Richard LaGravenese had written it, and Matt Damon wanted the role of Scott. I enjoyed the screenplay and was delighted to be able to enjoy the wonderful characters. It was a great screenplay. Career My role has been to portray contemporary characters. I was happy to take on a new character. This was more like painting on clown faces than just scrubbing my face for parts. This required hairpieces and appliances. Marice Doherty was the one who told us. [2]
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Scott Thorson (Matt Damon), a young boy, travels to Las Vegas in 1977 to see Liberace. In his autobiography Behind the Candelabra Thorson said that Lee’s apparent popularity surprised him. The guy could not sing, as I believed; he could not dance. And he was already over the hill. He draws such an audience, so how in the had world done he do it? He was soon captivated: “From the moment Liberace appeared in his Rolls-Royce mirrored Rolls-Royce on stage, I was spellbound.” It was exactly like the moment in Pride and Prejudice Jane asked Lizzy what year she’s first knowingowing she liked Mr Darcy. Lizzy replied, “I believe it has to do with my first sight of his gorgeous grounds at Pemberley.” He is indecently wealthy. Phwoar. [3]
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A: I’d gone through two full rounds of ear, nose and throat guys and scans and each time had been given a dose of antibiotics. I’ve got a farm up in Quebec not far from Mont Tremblant. Dr. Saul Frankel—who’s at McGill and also works at Mount Sinai—is a friend of mine, and he’s having simply taken a tongue depressor, as close as you and I are, and I’ll never forget the moment. His eyes, I could just tell, and he slowly pulled it out and said, “I guess we have to do a biopsy.” Then I’m down at Sloan-Kettering and they say I’ve got stage four, so I was reeling pretty fast. Then to have this opportunity when you weren’t even sure you had a career any more. This was modified by Douglas Wood, Yuncheng (China), October 28, 2020 [4]

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