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do carp like salt?

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The River Thames contains many small fish as well as Chinese Mitten Crabs, and so to help my hook-baits last the night I like to air dry them first 😁 The thing with air dried baits is they tend to be less attractive, sucking moisture instead of pumping out food signals, and so on the river I often like to use salt in the drying process 😉 As well as having the desired effect of hardening your hook-baits, salt is also very attractive to carp 😊 Although I sometimes use a small amount of salt on my freebies, this process is more for hookbaits only, as you wouldn’t want to feed them too much of the stuff…just like us really. [1]
Welcome to the first in my new mini-series for CARPology: ‘The Truth About’ series! In this month’s issue of CARPology I want to take a look at the subject of salt and its inclusion in carp baits. I’m getting asked frequently via my Twitter account, @scottfish, what I’m thinking about salt being added baits. Also, do I add salt before I cook them? It is difficult to answer this question due to the limited number of characters. Joe, editor at CARPology magazine asked me exactly the same question as when I was talking about the series. It seemed like the ideal opportunity to explore the subject in more depth. Rajan Christopher is to be credited for his input. [2]
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Destiny McCloud at carpology.netLet’s get down to business with carp biology. Fishing for carp is a complex activity. They are continuously being stripped of their internal sodium balance. They can become sick and even die if they don’t have enough salt in their bodies, which is through their organs and muscles. The carps’ internal salt is usually very low in lake water. Load and that of the water It lives in an environment that is not compatible with its needs. While the water is continually trying to reach the carp to clean it, the carp is continuously trying to drain as much water from its body through osmoregulation. Carp use osmoregulation to retain salt and resist permanently being washed out. Effects of the lake water. In short, happy carp equals salty baits when it comes to angling. Jack R., Mashhad (Iran) on March 8, 2020. [3]
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The analysts reported the following: carpfeed.comRock salt is an example of this. It is frightening that so little information exists about which type of salt to choose. You don’t need to salt your dishes. Fish and chips but still I’m seeing Saxa table and other salts are used to make stick mixtures and for spods. Everyone out there who uses the Saxa table salt or supermarket rock salt should look into this product! This product is not only dangerous for anglers, but it can also cause problems. Products are doctored by bleaching and over-cleaning for the human food market. This was brought to our attention by Ahsha Buckner, Republic Of The Congo. [4]
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