(SOLVED!) Do Chickens Improve Soil?

Chickens enclosed in a pen will till, scratching and clearing away weeds 😁 They have won’t necessarily knock-out perennial weeds, but they will keep all kinds of plant growth under control 😁 In so doing of course, they will also provide quite a lot of their own food.When I cleared ground in my mountain garden in France, I wentgone in first with the brush-cutter, and then penned the chickens on the opened ground; they couldn’t clear brambles unaided, but once I’d started the work, they have quickly made ground good enough to be turned into beds. In Wales my birds will be less challenged, have more greenery and less trouble. [1]
While pasture is great for foraging, slower growing birds can be more expensive to feed and take longer for them to reach market ready. This creates financial problems for farmers, who would make more if they could provide a quicker turnaround. White claims that pasture chickens can be raised in as little as 56 days, according to the free-range standard. To ensure that his chickens are well-fed, White adds organic grain. He finds that “the value of the finished chicken more than outweighs any extra you might need to spend on feed”. Ariell Addison (surat Thani Thailand), last edited 67-days ago [2]
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There’s nothing like a fresh tomato picked right off the vine, mmmmm! You can get fresh herbs and vegetables at home, which are much healthier and have more vitamins and minerals than the produce you buy in the supermarket. They are also far better tasting. You can add chickens to this mix, and you will have dark, nutritious garden soil that is rich in nutrients, abundant bounty and delicious, vibrant vegetables. Don’t forget your pretty flower gardens though- flowering plants A small backyard flock of chickens can help you build a solid soil foundation and reap the benefits. The foundation for great gardens is chickens. This page was last edited by Shenequa Venegas, Durban, South Africa. [3]
Image #3 Also, it states that the modern age can be called the Age of Carbon. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has gone up by more than three-quarters since the Industrial Revolution. A gas that keeps heat from the sun contained within the earth’s atmosphere, CO2 makes up more than three-quarters of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. At the same time agriculture is currently experiencing a carbon crisis, with 50-70% of the world’s carbon in farmland soils off-gassed into the atmosphere due to tillage. Because it is essential for soil fertility, carbon aids in soil structure development and retention as well as nutrient retention and biological processes. [4]
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My area has heavy clay soil. It doesn’t till well, hold a lot of moisture in the spring and early summer dries out during the summer into a hard brick and can be impossible to weed unless it is wet. On top of that, this soil doesn’t seem to grow good produce because root crops are fighting for space in the soil and plants It is difficult to plant good roots. It is difficult to establish good roots. Garden needs a good dose of fertilizer Each year. This is also what I’m finding. Kind of soil needs some acidity to balance the alkaline although the alkaline doesn’t seem to affect the growth of most plants. [5]

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