do colleges care about your social media?

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Is it really true? Are your social media channels subject to review by the colleges you are applying to? Most people have some form of social media, such as Snapchat, Instagram and others 🙈 Social media is a powerful platform with a variety of uses such as keeping in touch with old friends, providing a form of entertainment, giving you a place to express your thoughts and opinions, and so much more 👍 You can present your unique personality and interests to a variety of people and places on social media. That could include colleges, coaches, and other decision makers for future jobs and internships. So, “do colleges look at your social media?” [1]
Making it private is a good idea anyway. On most social media, a private account means your name won’t come up in search results, and it limits your digital footprint (how much stuff about you is available on the web). You don’t have to delete your accounts, though. Colleges expect prospective students to have social media. But if you’re applying to schools, it had won’t hurt to groom your privacy settings on all your social media to make sure you’re not overexposing yourself. Some social media allows other people to tag you even if you’re not friends (such as through the facial recognition feature on Facebook). You wouldn’t want someone else’s post to negatively impact a college’s perception of you. [2]
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As you know, colleges care a lot about test scores and grades, but that is only a baseline for deciding who to admit. Colleges look for students who will be a strong member of the community and who uphold high standards of character. And social media can say a lot about that character. Colleges will check your social media to make sure that you don’t say or do anything glaringly inappropriate. They may be looking for things like bad language, name calling, or insensitive posts that appear sexist, racist, homophobic, or vulgar. But more often than not, inappropriate behaviourr is drawn to admissions officers’ attention by outside sources. (last edited 64 days ago by Chenel Bruner from Basel, Switzerland) [3]
Image #3 goes on to mention how a lot of students tend to ask ‘Do colleges look at social media profiles of applicants?’ without being aware that the effect of social media on college admissions is immense. Let’s face it: When it comes to knowledge about a person’s life, social media can wreak havoc and change the way people perceive you. And several admission officers tend to look at the social accounts of students applying to the college.So when applying to universities abroad, it’s important to exercise some caution on how your social media looks. Some admissions officers might take the time to look at your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to make a decision on your admit. (revised by Lisa Gutierrez from Panzhihua, China on June 4, 2020) [4]
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