Do Copper Sinks Wear Well? [SOLVED!]

A beautiful sink can dress up any kitchen or bathroom and elevate the sophistication and style of the space πŸ™Œ When it comes to choosing a sink, many homeowners opt for copper apron sinks, as they have great aesthetic and investment value and can transform any space 😁 Copper sinks add elegance and style to any kitchen or bathroom, whether the house is a modern masterpiece or has a rustic farmhouse charm. They are also proven to improve home buyer perception and increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. CopperSmith has outlined the pros and cons of copper sinks so that you can make the right purchasing decision for you and your home. [1]
We find it such an interesting and stunningly beautiful material because of all these characteristics; but, one of the coolest things about copper is the patina. Patina is a completely natural phenomenon that involves copper developing its own protective coating. The patina is usually deep, warm browns that will change and darken over time. Certain acidic or harsh items will strip the patina (a lime slice, a glob of toothpaste or ketchup, etc.) and return the copper to a bright shine, but the sink will self-heal and re-patina over time leaving your sink with a rich coppery blend of light and dark tones. (credit to Ladarrius Mattingly from Kayamkulam, India for highlighting this). [2]
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Many people make the assumption that a copper sink is difficult to care for and high maintenance. While a copper sink is very unique and different than a stainless or porcelain sink, it is not any more difficult to maintain. You clean your porcelain sink, right? You get food and build up in your stainless sink, right? The same goes for copper. There are, however, some tips and extra steps that you can take with copper that make cleaning and care a little easier. But, before we get into the details about care, it’s important to review the nature of copper. Copper is a very different material than those used in most sinks and has some very unique qualities. [3]
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According to Barrett Nowak at, premier Copper Products beautiful finishes come from exposure to fire. This high temperature exposure accelerates the patina development process that brings out the deep, rich colourr of a Premier Copper Sink. Your sink might be exposed to different household elements, such as the acids in foods, that can cause lightened spots and colourr variations, or to scratches from normal use while washing dishes. This is normal. The beauty of a living finish is the sink colourr is in constant variation. These variation will blend together over time. Light spots will naturally darken and dark spots will naturally lighten. Even if scratched, the shiny scratch mark will darken and blend back into the finish over the course of time. (emended by Ragan Wagoner on February 14, 2020) [4]
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