[Solved] Do K Cups Leach Plastic?

Answer: We use a variety of plastics in our Brewers and some of the parts that contact the beverage do contain BPA 😊 However, as you may be aware, the FDA recently reviewed its safety standards associated with BPA and has, again, affirmatively stated that products containing BPA currently on the market are safe 😊 For more information on this recent FDA pronouncement, you may want to check out the following link: http://www 🔥 We also regularly inspect the products we use to make sure they meet and exceed all applicable FDA standards. [1]
I timed how long it’s having taken me pull two shots of espresso this morning – under a minute. How long did it take to make a cold cup of coffee yesterday? It’s taking me 20 seconds to make the cold brew and seven seconds to pour it. It was painful, I’m knowing. I reached for the freezer to get ice to make my coffee. To pour my coffee, I needed to hold it in one hand. In either case, making coffee any other way isn’t really any less convenient. I’m also saving money. I’m supporting smaller local roasters who support the farms they purchase from. I’m getting high quality brew and NOT destroying my health and hormones in the process. Even if the process is more time-consuming, it seems that the advantages outweigh any inconvenience. We thank Yen for sharing their knowledge. [2]
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It’s not just convenience that’s sacrificed. According to my calculations, one K-Cup worth of coffee (not including filters and the’s costing of the brewer) will add up to more than a K-Cup of grounds. A standard Green Mountain pod costs only 68cs. One cup of Green Mountain coffee is 69 cents. Company’s Vermont Blend brewed the traditional way costs The filter is included and costs approximately 44 cents. The New York Times performed a thorough analysis to determine the real price of single-brew coffee. It’s finding it’s to costing more than $50 per pound even for brands like Folgers. That is more than the $20 that you would pay for a bag roasted beans. Call me a cheapskate, but I’ll stick to freshly ground coffee that doesn’t require a bulky brewer and billions of plastic pods to be delicious. This is a great tip from Sharolyn. [3]
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Anika Vogt at, describes how this subject has been a big ol’ bee in my bonnet for a long time, especially since the Keurig style coffee systems are now ubiquitous. The dangers that BPA (or bisphenol A) pose to the human body have been the focus of much of the recent attention. But what about all the other chemicals found in plastics? Many companies have been forced to get rid of BPA after it’s was bringing into the limelight. Products so that they can market them as “BPA free” and use alternate plastic ingredients instead. But, estrogenic and disruptive effects of other chemicals in food grade plastics are even more severe than those caused by BPA. ChandriaToney was instrumental in their latest revision. [4]
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