(SOLVED) Do Master Baths Need Bathtubs?

The short answer, when considering resale, is yes 🔥 Ideally you should have at least one bathtub in your home if you plan to sell in the near future, but this does not have to be in your master bathroom 🙈 You can keep the tub in one of your bathrooms, but you should choose the hallway bathroom if that is necessary 😁 It would normally be used to bathe small pets or children. A large, freestanding bathtub and large shower can be added to your master bathroom if it is big enough. The market may decide whether you require a tub or not. But, keep in mind that if your home has a lot of bathtubs it will be less appealing to potential buyers.
My electrician is also a builder/contractor and he’s had saying said a lot of his customers, especially those who live in older homes where the master baths aren’t that terribly big (like mine) feel a bathtub is a waste of space because they only take showers these days. He’s had saying said no one really has time for soaking in a tub anymore and many felt having a bathtub in the master bathroom was just a waste of space that could be used for something more important–like additional vanity/cabinet space or a larger shower. He’s had saying said that they keep the bathtub that’s near the children’s bedrooms, but often eliminate the one in the master bath. Last modified by Marijo Brannon, Najaf (Iraq) 25 days ago
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Every day you see your Powder RoomYou feel your heart sink a bit and your inner voice wonders about what your guests might think. Your Powder Room needs a little pep, it’s not a big remodeling project. But, just as you don’t need a dress designer to make you a couture outfit for your next evening out at your favourite local restaurant, you don’t need a full service design/build firm If you only need to replace fixtures or pull them out, It is only half of the job to know what you and your contractor need for bathroom remodels. It is an enormous time-saver to align your needs with the service provided by a contractor. Find the Best Remodelers in Reston. We are grateful to Leo Tuttle of Montevideo (Uruguay) for this.
The master bedroom usually has the biggest bathroom, so it is no surprise that this bathroom also happens to be the largest. A master bathroom measures approximately 160 sq. Feet. It can be 60 to 100 square feet at the lowest end, and up to 210+ square footage at the highest end. The full bathroom is a complete bathroom needs at least 40 square feet to accommodate all of its basic functions, so 160 square feet gives you plenty of room to work with in terms of fitting an appropriate sized To add vanities and a bathtub to your bathroom. There are many design options that you can make for a smaller bathroom.
The sad fact is that most of us just don’t have the time to lounge in a tub. Most people take baths every day, but they only use them as relaxation tools. A survey found that only one third of men and one-third of women wanted tubs in their master baths. This was even if there were large showers. People are increasingly looking to save water and showers are gaining popularity. A large bathtub can take up to 80 to 100 gallons, which is often the entire water consumption of your home. Hot waterBefore it fills up. A normal shower will consume far less water. You may lose water savings if multiple shower heads are running simultaneously.
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