Do Ozone Generators Work For Smoke? [5 ANSWERS FOUND]

Ozone is claimed to be able to neutralize almost all chemical contaminants in your home by causing a chemical reaction. It is misleading as scientific research shows that many dangerous chemicals indoors can be removed by chemical reactions. This process could take several months, if not years. Other studies have also (PDF) noted that ozone cannot effectively remove carbon monoxide or from outside 😉 If used at concentrations that do not exceed public health standards, ozone applied to indoor air pollution does not effectively remove viruses, mould, bacteria, or other biological pollutants 👍 [1]
When you hear the term “ozone” you may think of the ozone layer, which protects all life from the dangerous UV radiation of the sun. This is the “good” ozone that is present in the stratosphere. But the ozone at ground level is “bad” since it is hazardous to health and is classified as an air pollutant by the EPA. The ground-level creation of ozone occurs in nature by the interaction of sunlight with certain chemicals that are released to the environmentIt is also produced by vehicle and industrial plant emissions. Ozone is also formed when lightning strikes. This is why it is possible to detect ozone in storms. Ozone can cause harm to your health, regardless of whether it is pure or in combination with other chemicals. Britne Connelly edited this article on February 25, 2021. [2]
Image #2 It is important to note that smoking is not easy to eliminate from the atmosphere and can be dangerous for the health of those who inhale it. It is difficult to eliminate so people resort to using ozone and other extreme methods. However, there are serious limitations to the use of ozone in such a way. Brian W. Christman (a Vanderbilt University medical professor who is also a spokesperson for American Lung Association) notes that the effects of ozone on asthmatic patients or people with cardiovascular problems can be severe and it may even be dangerous at too high levels. Because smokers have a higher risk of developing asthma or cardiovascular disease from smoking, it’s easy to grasp the potential dangers that ozone can pose when used to extinguish cigarette smoke. Credit to Tahnee Marcum, for the latest insight. [3]
It is difficult to eliminate cigarette smoke because of its many constituents. One of the most irritating and toxic components of smoking cigarettes is their production. These gases include carbon monoxide (phenol), ammonia, and other chemicals. A second part of smoke smell is high levels of tar vapors, which are released as cigarettes become smoked. When they come in contact with surfaces, these tar-vapors can become sticky. These tar vapors can stick to surfaces. Travel everywhere in the facility that smoke or air You can let the smoke odours into your walls, ceilings, furniture and closets. You need something to oxidize the odours from cigarettes and eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke. OdorFree is an ozone generator that eliminates cigarette smoke odours. We are grateful to Dontarius James who shared this information with us. [4]

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