[RESOLVED!] Do Persimmon Trees Grow In Texas?

The fruit should be allowed to hang on the tree as long as possible unless varmints are an issue; then remove the fruit with a gentle pull when they develop a vibrant orange colourr 😁 Still, knowing when to eat persimmons is the key to enjoying them 🙌 Most persimmons, except ‘Fuyu’ and ‘Izu’, are astringent and must be fully ripe and soft or the astringency will really pucker your mouth 🙌 The astringency is caused by tannins in the peel. It usually matures by the time of first autumn frost. Frost isn’t necessary to reduce the tannins or soften the fruit. The fruit will start to ripen, sweeten naturally and eventually the tannins will fade. Astringent fruits become soft when they turn a deeper orange color. Non-astringent fruits can then be eaten once the colour turns deep and rich. [1]
Persimmon trees grow small, are easy to cultivate, and can adapt to almost all of Texas. The tree, its leaves, and its fruit don’t have to be sprayed because they have no serious insect or disease problems. They are somewhat drought tolerant – only needing 36 to 48 inches of water One year. Persimmons produce delicious and attractive fruit in the fall when most fruit crops have not yet ripened. Persimmons contain more vitamin A than citrus fruits, and are high in vitamin B6. Some mature trees reach heights of 40 feet, while others remain in the form of shrubs that are less than 10 foot tall. Their genus name, Diospyros, means “food-of-the-gods,” which is why you’ll want to include this tree in your edible landscape. Modified by Zachary M. from Wuzhou, China July 16, 2021 [2]
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If planting from seedMany people plant multiple trees to try and get at least one tree with fruit, as well as a male tree to help them pollinate the tree. Researchers have discovered that the fruit contains a chemical which prevents it from rotting. seeds from growing When it’s still in direct contact with the flesh. Another study has shown that some mammals use the autumn fruit as a food source, even though it is still in contact with the flesh. It would be clear that mammals will forage the dried fruits of the trees when there is not enough food. The seed can still be viable after the fruit has been eaten, and fertilizer is added by the mammal. Another incredible fact: cycle of nature! [3]
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Wilma Kelley from, describes how persimmons are dioecious, having male & female reproductive organs on separate plants. They are small and sweetly fragrant, with a cream-coloured bell-shaped flower. The female tree produces One-inch round fruit. The green color is the beginning. However, it ripens into black in late July and September. The skin should not be used as it is very bitter. You can use this delicious fruit to make jellies and puddings. You can also make muffins or bread with it. Do you know of a Texas Persimmon female? In summer, look for this distinctive fruit. Last revised by Tiernan Rudford, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. [4]
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