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Instead of dropping your items off at a catch all thrift store, check out some specific places in your community like hospitals, churches, schools, and more 🙌 Schools are often looking to collect books, and different organizations like Velocity of Books can facilitate the process 🤓 Check out how 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Helped Velocity of Books save three tons of books from the landfill. Specific item collection is also affected by the time of year. In the colder months, shelters are usually looking for blankets and warm jackets. Over the holidays, many organizations are looking for childrens toys and people to help sort them.
While we used to hang onto TVs for years and years, these days they are replaced a bit more often. With old CRT units, they must be carefully broken down to remove any lead, which can be quite dangerous if not done correctly. Even newer flat screen units contain mercury and other toxic materials that have to be carefully removed before the other components can be recycled. Once broken down, the plastic, wood and copper coil found on the back of the CRT can be sold and turned into new products. Also, the circuit boards contain gold, platinum, and other precious metals that can be resold and reused. (thank you to Joeanna Gunderson from Samut Sakhon, Thailand for bringing this to our attention).
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When we remove all of these unwanted items, we prioritize sustainability. Whether recycling or donating, we strive to divert as many items from the landfill as possible. To ensure consistent donation, our franchises partner with various charitable organizations. One of the main charities we are involved with is Second Chance Toys, who we help by delivering gently used toys to children who need them. In 2019 we have hit a partnership a milestone, by reaching 250,000 toy donations since we started working with the organization! We also work with Soles4Souls to provide gently used shoes for people in need overseas. This year we have hit half a million shoes donated to Soles4Souls! (last revised 58 days ago by Lilliane Hooker from Van, Turkey)
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Moving.com also explains that pretty much, if it’s light enough to be carried to the truck by two people and it isn’t hazardous, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Will take it off your hands for you. And unlike other pick-up services, such as the ones run directly by the Salvation Army and Goodwill, there are no quality requirements around the items. If your old couch has pet fur all over it or there’s a big water stain on that butcher block slab you’re trying to get rid of, the item will still make it on the truck. That’s because the company sorts items in their transfer station and decides on their own whether an item can be recycled or otherwise properly disposed of.
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