(SOLVED) Does A Bedroom Need A Door?

Do closets need to be there? The International Residential Code is not requiring that a bedroom have one. However, most buyers would expect it to be a bedroom. A bedroom can still be considered a bedroom if it does not have a closet. But we need to ask: What does the local ordinance mean? Real estate What is the market expecting? Buyers would consider a room to be a bedroom even if it didn’t have a closet. In newer tract subdivisions it’s probably a bigger deal to have no closet, but in older classic homes where bedrooms were sometimes not built with closets, it’s very likely not an issue at all. Imagine a Victorian home with no closets in its bedrooms. While some in the real estate community say closets are always required, that rule doesn’t really apply here for two reasons: 1) The IRC definition of a bedroom does not actually mandate a closet; and 2) If the market considers the rooms as bedrooms, that’s what they are 😊 It would be highly improbable for buyers to walk through an old Victorian home without closets and say, “The house was stunning and utterly perfect… but there weren’t any bedrooms” 😁 This makes sense. Although closets may not be legally required under the international standard, they are expected to comply with local code. [1]
This is an example showing why a state-wide adopted code, and not local, is important: Florida is made up of 68 counties with 283 cities. That means that there are 350 different codes in Florida. It’s not 350 distinct codes. Miami-Dade County had South Florida’s Building Code-Dade County Edition while Broward County had South Florida’s Building Code-Broward County. While both had many differences, they were the same for all county contractors. You could cross the county line and go to another county. Each city and county had its own code. [2]
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Further reading can be found at hollish.comWhen pricing a house, the sellers and agents should look at recent comparable sales in order to establish how much they can realistically charge. It is best to price a three-bedroom property in line with other comparable 3-bedroom houses in your area. The home that has more bedrooms will be worth more. So, if a you’re deciding whether a room is a bedroom or not, the higher prices can motivate sellers to ignore what really makes a room a bedroom and exaggerate the count in order to ask the higher list price. It’s human nature. Shannah Baughman is our thanks for this information. [3]
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Lucila Kirkpatrick at, describes how answer: If the “bedroom” does not have a window, it cannot be considered a bedroom. A bedroom needs at least two ways of exit. That is, it has to have an exterior door and either a proper-sized window. International Residential Code says that the bedroom window must not exceed 44 inches above the floor. The opening should be at least 5 feet wide and 24 inches tall. If a room does not have a window (and no second door), it’s not a bedroom and is best considered something else. Financing shouldn’t be an issue since this is not a bedroom. Marketability is the real problem. This set-up will be less expensive than a 3-bedroom traditional unit with windows in every bedroom. That’s the real question. It’s probably best to call this third area whatever the market would call it – maybe a den or potential bedroom, etc… (credit goes to Cecilia Wiles for their latest revisions). [4]
Hello, I need your help. Found a hse I like but it states It is classified as a 5 bed. The original 3bed was the bedroom. I’m thinking they misunderstood it. I accept the fact that the bedroom is now a bedroom number 5. However, I am able to use the bedroom as a bedroom. I’m having added a door and the fourth bedroom has been moved in between them. This room measures 9ft4x8ft5 It has a window (if you wish to refer it that), which is 37inx9in and is 6ft 4 away from the floor. So the room has no secondary exit in an emergency.Could one of you kind people please advise if this can legally be used as a bedroomMany thanks in advance 😊 (a massive thank you goes to Jaree Harden for telling us). [5]

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