Does A Crawl Space Need Ventilation? [SOLVED!]

We’ve seen the correlation in crawl spaces throughout our service area 🔥 Many of the most damaged crawl spaces are the ones with open ventilation 🙈 And there is scientific research that supports our experience 🙈 Advanced Energy is a nonprofit energy consulting firm. They work with electric utilities, government and private organizations in the residential, commercial and industrial, solar, motors and drives, and electric transportation markets. They develop innovative and practical approaches to energy issues. Working with builders and HVAC professionals, they have performed extensive studies on the effects of ventilation on crawl spaces in homes across the country. The details can be found on their website, but I will summarize them here: [1]
Thermostatically controlled automatic louvers and manually operated louvers are available that can close off the crawlspace vents when the temperature drops below freezing. Although louvers allow crawlspace ventilation without incurring large energy losses, it is unlikely that such devices can be kept in good working order for the life of the home, and indeed, there are many reports of failures. If the devices fail in the open position, they are useless; if they fail in the closed position, the owner will not have ventilation when it’s needed. Unless a relatively foolproof device is available, or high levels of maintenance are expected, build an unvented crawlspace that is mechanically conditioned instead. [2]
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Based upon an article from, the impact of a flooded crawl space doesn’t just stop beneath your house, however; it can actually cause issues throughout the home, even all the way up to the attic. Through a phenomenon known as the “stack effect,” the air from your crawl space moves up through the house and escapes through the vents in your attic. In fact, 40% of the air we breathe on the first floor of our homes comes from our crawl spaces. And when the crawl space is flooded, the air that travels up through your house is overly humid, forcing attic vents to manage more moisture than they were designed to manage. This, in turn, leads to excess moisture in your attic as well as your crawl space, prompting the development of mould, mildew, and other water-related issues above and below your living space. (revised by George Jones from Benin City, Nigeria on April 6, 2020) [4]

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