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Boxing Day, however, is not the only way to refer to December 26. In honorof the deacon, who in 1936 was killed and thrown to death by the Roman Catholic Church, some nations call it St. Stephen’s Day. In Ireland, it’s sometimes called Wren Day, which used to be marked by the heartwarming tradition of hunting down and murdering a small bird, tying it to a pole, and then going door to door singing the “Wren Song.” (Thankfully, this is no longer a thing people do.) South Africa renamed the holiday “Goodwill Day” in 1994 to “sever ties to a colonial past,” according to Cape Town Magazine 🙈 And some countries, including Poland and the Netherlands, eschew the fuss and just call it “Second Christmas Day 🙌” [1]
Our social class system is a key to the history of our time. The past was dominated by tradesmen and servants. Worked for wealthy families would receive a Christmas box The box contained gift vouchers from the employer. This was an expression of gratitude. Working throughout the year. The holiday often was looked at as Christmas Day by the working man, who would serve the wealthy on the 25th but would not be able to enjoy Christmas. Family members Until the next day. Today, the gift box tradition is no more. Now it’s celebrated as a shopping holiday or one usually spent in front of the television eating loads of leftover food. Zenon Teague of Yangon, Myanmar last updated this information 17 days ago [2]
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Christmas Day and Boxing Day will both be observed in 2021 (the 25th & 26th of December, respectively). They are both on Saturdays and Sundays. Their bank/public holidays fall on Mondays and Tuesdays, the 27th and 28th December. This doesn’t mean that 2021’s ‘Christmas Day’ is Monday, 27 December. So if you’re going by the public/bank holiday definition of Boxing Day, then it should be described ‘the first weekday *after the Christmas bank holiday*’ not *after Christmas* – as they can be different too! On the UK government’s site listing the bank holidays in the UK, it states “If a bank holiday is on a weekend, a ‘substitute’ weekday becomes a bank holiday, normally the following Monday.”. This makes sense to me, as it is more consistent than saying that Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on different dates. Allyse Oliva, Bangkok Thailand, for her insights. [3]
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The Good King Wenceslas (actually a Duke of Bohemia) risked his life on a winter night in order to feed an infirm peasant. His fabled act of generosity took place on the Feast of Stephen, on which day it was a Christian’s duty to help those less fortunate than oneself. Or, as the somewhat laboured words of the hymn have it: “Therefore Christian men be sure, / Wealth or Rank possessing, / Ye who now will bless the poor / Shall yourselves find blessing.” (last revised 96 days ago by Illiam Villalobos from Kunming, China) [4]
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