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COPD is characterized by persistent obstructive-pulmonary disease (COPD), which is a condition that causes airflow obstruction and is difficult to reverse. Secondary skeletal muscle dysfunction has been shown to have a significant impact on the exercise capacity and survival of people with primary pulmonary diseases. While psychological impairments, which can include anxiety and depression, to the full spectrum of diagnosable mental disorders have been less well-known. COPD is an incurable condition. Therapeutic interventions are designed to improve function and slow down disease progression. The effectiveness of various strategies has been the focus of attention, including smoking cessation 5 and long-term oxygen treatment (LTOT 6), influenza vaccines 8 and 9, respiratory-specific pharmaceutical management 9 and surgical options 10 🤓 Conditioning the peripheral muscles through graduated exercise training 11 is also a common strategy for managing chronic diseases 12😁 [1]
The cognitive model of panic anxiety predicts a high rate of panic attacks in COPD and panic disorder. This model predicts panic attacks in healthy people when unambiguous sensations such as shortness of breath or asphyxia are misinterpreted as warning signs. There are signs and symptoms that indicate an increase in physical arousal, which can lead to panic attacks. A COPD diagnosis is characterized by worsening dyspnoea while engaging in physical activity. It is easy to understand how vulnerable individuals with COPD, even early in the disease’s course, may overestimate the immediate threat exertional dyspnoea presents and enter the cycle of panic. Patients with COPD have reported an increase in anxiety and depression over the course of their illness. This psychological decline has only been weakly associated with a decrease in lung function. Anxiety and depression can affect quality of life, functional level and health. Hence, treating anxiety in COPD patients, and so preventing panic disorder, is likely to improve patients’ level of functioning and decrease costs. CBT (Cognitive behaviortherapy) is the best treatment for panic disorder in healthy adults 7 8. There is growing evidence that CBT reduces panic disorders and panic attacks by increasing panic beliefs regarding ambiguous sensations. This article was last revised by Chino Muniz, Cheongju (South Korea), 37 days ago. [2]
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Untreated and under-recognized anxiety and depression symptoms can have detrimental effects on the body and social interaction, increasing fatigue and healthcare utilization in those with. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is difficult to diagnose and treat anxiety and depression, as they often share symptoms with COPD. Multiple factors can cause anxiety and depression. These include biological, social, and behavioral factors. A mere one-third (33%) of COPD patients who have anxiety and comorbid depression symptoms receive the right treatment. Factors that contribute There are many factors that contribute to treatment not being provided. These include patients’ perceived barriers such as lack of knowledge or reluctance, poor treatment compliance, lack of standardised diagnostic approaches, and scarcity resources. Last revised by Nastasia Whitten, Yangon, Myanmar. [3]
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Keaton Tilley thorax.bmj.comIn the online supplement, it is mentioned that FLOW’s COPD study involves a prospective cohort study of adults who have been diagnosed with COPD by a doctor and then matched against a control group. The recruitment methods were previously described in detail.5 6 11 12 A cohort of 1202 Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program members had just been diagnosed with COPD.13 We also recruited a control group consisting of 302 people without COPD, who were matched according to age, gender and race. Structured telephone interviews were used to assess baseline characteristics. These included sociodemographic and COPD history, as well as health status.5 11 12 Visits to the research clinic included physical and pulmonary assessments. This was modified by Susan Gomez (Huizhou, China) March 9, 2021. [4]

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