Does Elizabeth Vargas Still Work At Abc? (#1 ANSWER!)

According to ABC News, a few weeks later, Vargas relapsed, falling into a habit of using alcohol to calm herself before an interview in New York 🤓 She remembers drinking on the way to and after the meeting, and getting into a car 🔥 Then she wakes up at the hospital. “I’m having no idea what I had done.” Vargas said that she didn’t remember what she’s havingad drinkingd drinking. She’s havingaving wandered to the park, where she was assisted by a volunteer. Vargas said that Vargas was saying she sawees men near her, and that they were probably looking at me as vulnerable people. Vargas also recalled that she’s goinging back to rehab after being released, spending a month. Her siblings and news colleagues gathered to assist her in entering a detox centre after she’s havingaving relapsed once more in 2014. [1]
Cohn previously issued a statement to ABC News, saying, “Elizabeth has always had, and will always have my support, especially in regards to her recovery. I have tried my best to protect our family during the course of this very complex and challenging journey, and that has included honoring Elizabeth’s privacy. It is a great thing that Elizabeth has done so much to help others understand the relationship between alcoholism and anxiety. As for our own family, we continue to be loving parents to our two incredible boys and I’m extremely grateful that we work well together in putting their needs front and center.” [2]
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She continues, “It’s interesting — somebody asked me, ‘Would you have written that book? Would you have given those interviews if that story hadn’t been planted?’ And I don’t know that I would have… Because that period of getting sober for me was the hardest part of my entire life — and I wish I had had the opportunity to do that in privacy. This was my loss. But play the hand you’re dealt. The public was the best part. I had felt alone, isolated, and ashamed. I thoughtughtught: Maybe if I speak out, I can just let a little tiny bit of air out of that balloon of shame and isolation.” [3]
Guillermo Reynoso For more information, please contact us. We’ve counted on her countless times for breaking news. Just in the last few years, she’s anchored live specials on the 2017 inauguration and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, reports on the passing of George Debbie Reynolds, Debbie Fisher, Prince, and Muhammad Ali were all part of network coverage for the Orlando massacre and Dallas police officer ambush. Also, they covered the Paris terrorist attack in 2015 and Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Since 1995, she’s been the ABC anchor for the major breaking news events of the past 20 years. These include the attack on 9/11 and the passing of President Ronald Reagan. [4]

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