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[SOLVED] Does Marianne Dashwood Love Colonel Brandon?

Marianne treats her acquaintances in general with inattention and sometimes, contempt, recoiling from vulgarity, even when it is accompanied by good nature (like Mrs. Jennings), treating her selfish half-brother and his snobbish wife with disgust, totally ignoring the grave Colonel Brandon because of his age and a former love, and making no attempt at civility to insipid Lady Middleton 🤓 The people she does love, however, she loves with warmth that leaps over all barriers—even barriers of propriety 😉 Her sorrows, her joys, her antipathy and her love will have no moderation—no concealing 🔥Marianne’s form is “not so correct as her sister’s,” but “more striking,” and her features are all good, her face is “lovely”: her skin is very brown, but from its transparency, “her complexion was uncommonly brilliant,” and in her eyes there is “a life, a spirit, an eagerness which could hardly be seen without delight.” [1]
Marianne Dashwood was his middle sister from the Dashwood family, and he wed her at the close of the novel. Brandon is aged 35-36 years old The story is told as follows: Although he is quiet and serious, he has a gentle disposition and an intelligent countenance. Marianne Dashwood initially thought him an old bachelor who was not attractive for matrimony. Although he is well-to-do and dignified, it’s hard to judge his character beyond those first impressions. The Colonel seems rather boring to an insensitive eye. But beneath that calm surface there are many things going on. Elinor Dashwood, who is his first victim, quickly comes to realize that there’s more to him than meets the eyes. Marianne and Marianne are the last to discover this. First and foremost, Colonel Brandon has a clearly sensitive heart, even though he seems implacable and distant. He’s the only person who appreciates Marianne’s music the same way she does – respectfully and thoughtfully – and we get the impression that his quiet persona hides a deeply intellectual inner self. He is by far the character who has had to cope with the most emotional trauma. However, he does it in an impressively mature and awe-inspiring manner. This character is the perfect combination of logic and feeling, making him the most mature of the bunch. [2]
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A very popular question among Jane-ites is: “Who is your favourite Jane Austen hero?” Sadly, no one ever chooses Colonel Brandon. However, in the ongoing research I’m doing for my Regency era novels, I had foundad found myself rereading a very good biography that I’m sure many of you know called, Jane Austen, A Life, by Claire Tomalin. Sense and Sensibility was discussed by me and I foundad found that Ms. Tomalin echoes a feeling I feel at the ending of Jane Austen’s novel. It is the moment Marianne Dashwood falls in love with a man much older than her, which Austen also describes. [3]
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It proved to be a wise choice. A principal trait of Colonel Brandon, one of the book’s main characters, is that he’s also viewing his 35th birthday in the rearview mirror, and the book contains no end of commentary about it. We’re introduced to Colonel Brandon through the perspective of Austen’s young heroine, Marianne Dashwood, and the character’s younger sister Margaret: “He was silent and grave. His appearance however was not unpleasing, in spite of his being in the opinion of Marianne and Margaret an absolute old bachelor, for he was on the wrong side of five-and-thirty.” (revised by Umar L. On July 17, 2021) [4]
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Baron Culver jasna.orgExplains that the “leaving-hand” side of my brain does not like Brandon marrying Marianne. It is not purely a matter age difference. Elinor is “only nineteen” at the start of the novel (6); Marianne is a little younger and Margaret is thirteen (7); Marianne has not yet turned seventeen six months after the novel opens. The widowed Mrs. Dashwood comments to her daughter Marianne about the chances of being loved: “‘Remember my love, that you are not seventeen. You are too young to lose heart about such happiness. You shouldn’t be more fortunate than your mother. In one circumstance only, my Marianne, may your destiny be different from her’s !’” Mrs. Dashwood is referring to being widowed prematurely. If Brandon ultimately marries Marianne when say, 38, and if Marianne is say, 19, then the age difference would be the same as Marianne’s calendar age. Brandon is way too mature to be Marianne. (Thanks Dariana Flaherty for bringing this to our attention). [5]

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