How Are Assets Divided In Divorce In New Jersey? (SOLVED!)

Conversely, some main categories of separate property include property acquired prior to marriage, property acquired during the marriage as gifts from third parties or by inheritance, or property acquired after the filing of the divorce complaint from post-complaint efforts 😉 Courts have held that separate property must be kept separately and not allowed to be co-mingled to prevent it from being identified as marital property 😎 In addition, if separate property is improved during the marriage, it may also become marital property 🙌 Courts will also consider whether any incremental value to the property was a result of a market fluctuation or a result of the contributions and efforts by one spouse towards the asset’s growth to determine if incremental value is subject to distribution. [1]
Most likely, your wife would be entitled to a percentage of your pension. The rule of thumb is that spouses are entitled to one-half of what was put into the pension (including any interest reinvested or employer contribution) during the term of the marriage. Therefore, your wife would theoretically be entitled to half of what was put into the pension beginning from the date of marriage until the date of the filing of the complaint for divorce. There are other factors such as if there are any pension loans and details such as what type of pension you have should also be considered. See a family law attorney for further guidance. [2]
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Division of Assets and Debts: If you are going through a divorce or physical separation in the State of New Jersey, you will need to address the issue of asset and debt distribution (aka equitable distribution). Unfortunately, this can be an area of contention between you and your spouse. As both parties stake claims to the property and assets they believe are rightfully theirs, disputes often arise. Yet no matter how complex the marital estate is or how vast its size, it is essential that you retain an attorney who has the experience necessary to handle any asset and debt distribution matter. Your lawyer will protect your interests and those of your children throughout the entire divorce process. (last revised 62 days ago by Canon Stjohn from Zaozhuang, China) [3]
Unfortunately, losing people that we love is an inevitable fact of life. At times, they bequeath us property, valuables, or money to show their love as they pass on. If you are undergoing divorce or the dissolution of a civil union, questions surrounding your inheritance often become relevant to the division of assets process. In order to ensure that you retain the assets that are rightfully yours, it is essential to thoroughly understand New Jersey law regarding inheritance during divorce. It is also highly advisable to consult with an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney who can protect your inheritance and advocate for your interests. (last emended 27 days ago by Breia Pfeiffer from Gebze, Turkey) [4]

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