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(Solved) How Are Bull Riders Judged?

Once the chute gate opens and the bull bucks into the arena, the rider must keep one hand, called his free arm, in the air for the duration of the ride 🔥 If he slaps the bull or himself at any point, the clock stops, and he will receive a no score 🔥 The rider must be mounted to bull at all times for the minimum eight seconds 😎 Only those 8 seconds are worth points. The cowboy’s points are awarded based on how well he covers the bull; judges want to see riders that are balanced and in control of the ride. If the rider encourages bull riding, additional points may be given. [1]
Every bull rider isn’t guaranteed to score. Cowboys can get their ride disqualified for one of two reasons. They are therefore not eligible to score that ride. A cowboy must only ride the bull using one hand. Cowboys who use both their hands to control the bull are automatically disqualified. Cowboys are also disqualified for not staying on the bull for at least eight seconds. That is how long it takes for a ride considered complete. A rider who completes their ride successfully is awarded a score between 0-100. Diana Perez, Uyo (Nigeria), June 28, 2020. [2]
Image #2 It is also stated that judges will award points depending on key characteristics of the ride. Judges value rhythmic and constant control of the rider’s movements in tandem with the bull. If a rider seems to be constantly out of balance, points are often deducted. To earn points, the rider must remain mounted at least 8 seconds. He is only scored for actions taken during that 8 second period. Extra “style” points can be earned by riders who are able to manage the bull properly. They are usually gained by spurring bulls. The act of touching bulls, ropes, or riding with an unrestricted arm can result in disqualification. [3]
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Royd Doyal – For most of the time, only the replay judge and the contestant will call for a review. You are the regular judge and you make the call. The contestant may challenge the replay judge, for instance, with a foul or slap. A replay judge reviews any slap he witnesses, regardless of whether the clock has stopped or if there is a ride within 8 seconds. A regular judge would normally review the slap once in a while. Ask for a review is if the judge on the back The rider believes he has missed the start time and is unable to make the required eight-seconds. We thank Quoc Mallory of Bunia (Dr Congo) for sharing his knowledge. [4]
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