How Can I Be The Best Girlfriend He Ever Had? [5 REPLIES FOUND]

When you begin dating a guy you really like, it’s natural to want to spend every waking moment with him 🙌 You start cancelling plans with the girls, skipping out of yoga class or otherwise doing anything other than talking to your guy, hanging out with your guy, or wondering when you’re going to see your guy next 🤓..but don’t! Your hobbies, interests and friends will keep you busy and show him you’re not going to let him down. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live your own lives. Keep in mind that what you did when you were single is the thing that attracted him to you. Passions, interests, and relationships make up a large part of your personality. Without them you will be a waiting girl, just like a puppy, for attention. [1]
Many arguments that arise in relationships are caused by deeper issues which never get addressed or solved. Maybe a woman feels like her guy doesn’t really care about her, or isn’t committed to her because he isn’t as attentive as he was in the beginning of the relationship, and instead of being direct about it, she freaks out on him if he doesn’t call her back one night or doesn’t do the dishes after she slaved away cooking dinner for him. The real problem may be overlooked and a fight can ensue. When you want something, or don’t want something, just tell him. We are grateful to Jacinta for sharing this information with us. [2]
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There’s no guy out there who’d hook up with a girl who doesn’t look smart. You can have a little bit of everything light reading and watching the news will go a long way In the relationship. You will never have a perfect marriage. need to actually read things You don’t have to pretend you know all the details. You will be able to challenge almost every man if you are able to read the whole thing. You will be loved by him thinking critically And intelligently. It had won’t be long before he decides you are the best girlfriend he’s ever had since you are exhibiting a good quality that every guy wants in his girl. Marlea Tackkett is credited for these amazing insights. [3]
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– Take an interest in his interests. That doesn’t mean you have to be interested in them or even have a desire to do them, it just means you want to learn about why he loves those things and what they mean to him. Take an interest in his life and his goals, try to understand his “mission” in life, what it is that drives him and charges him up and makes him feel alive. You can deepen your connection with men this way. It’s not by cooking for him or performing his favorite sexual tricks in the bedroom, although that’s a nice bonus! Last modified by Lorelei Tabor, Nanchang China. [4]
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