[RESOLVED!] How Can I Camp In My Car In The Winter?

Another thing I’m having learnt to be considerate of is altitude change 😊 My friends and I wentgone on a camping trip to Alberta, Canada to Banff National Park 😉 We looked up the weather of Banff, the city, and it seemed perfect for what we’re have having planned 😊 Low chance of rain and 55 degrees. What happened is that the trailhead was located 2,000 feet higher than the city of Banff. There was also about knee-deep snow at its beginning. Also, it was 20 degrees cooler and windy. It was a good thing that I had had the opportunity to learn how to survive in freezing temperatures and keep my feet safe. I hope what I’m having learnt can be used to help others. [1]
Winter is rolling around There are fewer opportunities to camp and go camping. But not here. You can enjoy winter outdoors on overnight trips by packing all you need, folding your seat down, and then spending the night in your car. National park Ski area. Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the beauty of the outdoors with a dusting of snow! Here are six ways to keep that in mind. Winter Car These are the essential camping items you should bring to your next winter camping trip. You will need your winter gear and some friends to get you outside. Torin Gunderson, Lille, France (last edit 47 days ago) [2]
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A proper winter sleeping bag is the most important piece of gear you’ll need for cold-weather camping. Look for a bag that’s rated at least 15 to 20 degrees colder than the lowest temperature you expect to encounter. This Montbell zero-degree bag is my favourite. It does the trick for all my winter camping out west when I’m not sleeping in a camper with a heater. The brand’s super spiral stretch system may sound gimmicky, but it really works Keep the down insulation nearer to you as you move during the night to reduce cold spots. Shalia Shoemaker, Dazhou (China) for this tip. [3]
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You can make things easier on yourself. Cook when you can and you want to, but don’t feel it’s cheating to pop into a café or open a packet of Firepot (we’ve used them a few times and they’ve always been like real food!). Check out these other ready meal suggestions. For rubbish, keep your bag close at hand. We do try to recycle when we’re camping. You might need to bring a couple of bottles or cans with you until there is a place that accepts them. However, camping should be enjoyable and not require us to throw away everything. [4]