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how can i make my room feel safe?

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We are said to spend around twenty-six years each, on average, in our beds 😁 Most of our time in bed will be spent in our bedroom, excluding holidays, trips to see friends, and in hotel rooms 😉 It is important then, especially considering how much time that will be spent in your bedroom, that you create a harmonious, luxurious, and friendly environment 😉 Most people spend so little time decorating or cultivating a haven in their bedrooms that they look virtually unlived in, besides an unmade bed. Creating a haven for yourself is very easy, and you must turn your bedroom into your haven. [1]
Do you really need all of those shoes? Can your movie collection go in a storage box under the bed rather than taking up a whole wall on a shelf display? Does that club chair serve and purpose other than to hold clothes that you haven’t decided are worthy of the hamper yet? Go through your things and think about whether or not you need them. Ask yourself if there’s another place to store it. Ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last two months. Ask yourself if you feel emotionally connected to it, in a positive way. If the answer is no, find a way to get rid of it. Gift it to a friend, donate it to a thrift store, or recycle it. [2]
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Based on an article from, it is vital, therefore, to make sure you spend a bit of time sprucing up your room; decorating it to suit your personal taste. Your home has a significant effect on your overall mental and physical wellbeing. Experts have proven that the organization, decoration and the layout of your home can have significant impacts upon your mood and mental health. Things like clutter, obnoxious colors, and drab interiors can be a huge factor in depression and anxiety. So, let’s take a look at a few ways of how you can reorganise your bedroom and decorate it optimally for your overall wellbeing and comfort. (we say thank you to Nickos Daly from Huaibei, China for the heads up). [3]
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According to Jim Godfrey at, now more than ever, there’s nothing like stepping away from it all and retreating to a cocoon-like bedroom for quality hibernation. Interior designer Thomas Hamel is based in the sunny climes of Sydney, but he’s no stranger to creating intimate spaces for his clients in destinations the world over, particularly spots that could benefit from a little extra warmth and softness, such as a ski home in Innsbruck, Austria, and another in Niseko, Japan. “Bedrooms are the least public rooms in the house and very personal spaces,” says Hamel. “We should work toward making them feel that way.” When it comes to adding some extra-cosy touches, it’s all about embracing the Danish concept of hygge, a word used to describe a feeling of warmth, coziness, and comfort—something the Danes, with their long dark winters, hold dear. Design-wise, hygge calls for candlelight, soothing textures, soft earth tones, and rich wood accents. So whether you’re set on overhauling your sleeping quarters or just want some low-effort, big-impact pointers to create a homey refuge, consider these cosy bedroom ideas to get you started. [4]
Image #4 also mentions how if your goal is to create a peaceful, serene spot to lay your head at night, it’s important to realise that peacefulness means more than simply the absence of sound. Peacefulness is the absence of noise, and noise comes in many forms. Unwelcome and unwanted sounds are certainly noise, but noise is more than simply something you hear. There are many sources of noise that you might not be considering, such as clutter, unwanted light, or a too-bright colourr scheme. Eliminate noise from your room, replace it with all things soothing and calm, and you’ve just created a peaceful bedroom retreat. (modified by Urbano Ruth on July 12, 2020) [5]

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