how close is the sun to earth in summer?

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On average, the Sun lies at a distance of approximately 93,000,000 miles (152.5 million km) from Earth. Because it is so far from us, light travels at an average speed of about 186,000 miles (300,00 km) per second. Earth, like the rest of the planets in the Solar System does not revolve around the Sun in perfect circles. Its orbit is more elliptical than a circle with the Sun at the center. The distance between Earth, the Sun is therefore greater. changes during a year. Nearest to us, the Sun’s distance is 91.4million miles (147.9 million km). At its farthest, the Sun is 94.5 million miles (152.1 million km) away 😎 The Earth is closest to the Sun during winter in the northern hemisphere 👍 [1]
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So what’s going on here? During the winter months, for the Northern Hemisphere, the overall temperature of the Southern Hemisphere, where it is summer, doesn’t change as much as the other way around. Because the Southern Hemisphere has a greater proportion of Southern Hemisphere than the Northern Hemisphere. water and water has a significantly greater heat There is greater capacity than there is land. On a similar vein then, during the summer for the Southern Hemisphere, the overall average temperature of the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t increase as much as the Northern Hemisphere does during its summer, for this same reason. For their latest revision, many thanks to Rayce from Algiers (Algeria) [3]
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Earth’s orbit would be perfect if it were a circle. The Sun would then cross the meridian every day at noon, ignoring daylight saving time. However, our orbit is slightly oval. Earth’s orbit is slightly oval-shaped in July. It moves faster than the average on its journey. Earth’s orbital speed increases slightly in January as we get closer to the Sun. This change in speed results in the Sun crossing the Meridian a bit early or late depending on Earth’s position in the orbit. You can find the following points. curve to the had left The Sun “slows” at the meridian. After 12:00 p.m., it crosses the meridian. This page was last modified 18 days ago, by Lasheika Olcampo (Indian: Thiruvananthapuram) [4]

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