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how dangerous is cage diving with sharks?

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Most divers either drive a car or take a boat to a dive site 🔥 These activities are both more dangerous than anything else a diver does on a typical diving day 🤓 In fact, driving and boating are exponentially more dangerous than cage diving with a great white shark 😊 Boating-related accidents were responsible for 989 deaths in 2017. 42.636 Americans were killed by automobile accidents, that is roughly one person every 13 minutes. An estimated 1.2 Million people worldwide are injured in auto accidents each year. Sharks are responsible for approximately 5 deaths annually. People each year Globally, that’s one death per 73 days. Think cage diving white sharks Are you afraid of being in danger? [1]
Some shark-baiting operators throw stones at the animals. Fresh fish and fish scraps into the water, a controversial practise known as ‘chumming’. Torben Lonne (chief editor at, says shark baiting can make sharks more aggressive and associative to human food. “If sharks are being routinely fed in a particular area, it’s not surprising when they turn up in low waters and attack people. They can smell humans from miles away, and if they come close hoping to get fed and there’s no food, they get angry and can attack surfers, divers and other innocent bystanders.” (we thank Damiana Bynum from Sheikhupura, Pakistan for their fantastic insights). [2]
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However, they were just precautions. Tourist, these are the things that I’m should knowing. Feel safe. It was actually the animals that really impressed me. I, the neoprene coated nibble, was not even noticed by them. Alison Towner, a marine biologist, described the highly specialized diet of white sharks. But the truth is, that humans do not offer enough fat We were happy to eat a good meal. This sentiment was shared by another local surfer, who also protested against me suggesting sharks could be dangerous. “I’m having been surfing in these waters my entire life,” he’s saying. Whole life There has been no incident. They just don’t care about us.” Janet Brunson, Montreal, Canada (last revision 96 days back) [3]
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Additional reading is available at, very. In recent years, shark cage diving has been very popular. Become one of the most popular Extreme sports. Imagine being within centimetres from those sharp, powerful teeth and jaws. It’s enough to give you chills! However, the adrenaline rush is largely based on humanity’s fear of Great White Shark. Jaws and similar movies have subconsciously brainwashed the public into believing that these great predators of the sea are mindless, hungry monsters that can hunt, mangle, and eat everything. The truth is much more than the stereotypical and this fact is taught to people every day by our adventures. [4]
It is very safe to dive from a cage and there are rarely any accidents. It is important to be careful when getting into and out of the cage. The safest method for entering the cage is a controlled, seated approach. Keep your hands and equipment away from the gaps between the cage and boat. Ask the divers to turn the camera on the crew once they have entered the cage. Divers must remain in their cages while they are underwater and should not place equipment or fingers between the cage bars. In choppy water, divers must be careful when the cage lids are being lifted and to keep their fingers from touching the cage’s edge. Darleen Feldman edited this article on July 18, 2020. [5]

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