How Did Chris Mccandless Die? [Solved]

In “Into the Wild,” the book I wrotetten about McCandless’s brief, confounding life, I camecome to a different conclusion 😎 I speculated that he’s having having inadvertently poisoned himself by eating seeds from a plant commonly called wild potato, known to botanists as Hedysarum alpinum 😉 According to my hypothesis, a toxic alkaloid in the seeds weakened McCandless to such a degree that it’s having become impossible for him to hike out to the highway or hunt effectively, leading to starvation 😎 My conjecture, which Hedysarum Alpinum was described as nontoxic in scientific literature, received a lot of ridicule, particularly in Alaska. [1]
McCandless’ death has been a topic of debate for over 20 years. Some claim he died simply from hunger. But, I realized that these seeds could have saved his life. After reading an essay by a man named Ronald Hamilton on the apparent toxicity of the seeds that McCandless had eaten, I’d sent a hundred and fifty grams of H. Alpinum seeds to Avomeen Analytical Services, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There, by means of a process called high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), an Avomeen chemist determined that the seeds contained a potentially lethal concentration of a neurotoxin called beta-N-oxalyl-L-alpha-beta diaminopropionic acid, a non-protein amino acid commonly referred to as ODAP. Kelly T., Manaus (Brazil) on November 12, 2020. [2]
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This bus is approximately 20 miles away from the Stampede Trail and ten minutes past the crossing of the River. The bus was once a shelter for hunters, and it was used by them in the autumn. Chris McCandless lived there for several months in 1992. McCandless, who had roamed and traveled across North America over several years, finally settled in the area of Denali where he was hoping to sustain himself on the land. With winter holding onto him, he crossed the river to find his way to Denali in April. He was hungry, and hoped to flee. Way back blocked by the river at high water. He was fatally injured in the accident and died on board the bus. His body was later discovered by moose hunter in September. Sophia Wood, Fes (Morocco), modified the above text on November 17, 2020 [3]
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McCandless was a young man who can excuse most of these bad behaviourss. Young men can be rebellious thrill seekers and are prone to bad conduct. Some of these things I’m would having to admit to. To stay alive, I committed a small amount of poaching in Alaska when I arrived in 1973. However, it was not a waste of my time. At McCandless’s age I had left behind a Volkswagen van that I droveiven along the Alaska Highway from Canada. I also confessed to being a victim to some of my friends. I had gotten into several Fairbanks bar fights and engaged in other bad behaviourss involving controlled substances. Madison B. Has revised this article. Rostov-on-Don, Russia. [4]
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